BJP Magazine Publishes Article Depicting Nuns in Poor Light , Isai Maha Sangh Demands Legal Action

Members of Isai Maha Sangh Bhopal petitioning Police.

Members of Isai Maha Sangh Bhopal petitioning Police.

Bhopal: 9/04/2013/ The latest issue of the Baratiya Janata Party run fort-nightly magazine “CHARAIVETI” carried an article titled “The life of nuns in the hell of the Church” written by a Delhi based writer R L Francis. The issue has become centre of controversy in Madhya Pradesh.

A delegation lead by Isai Maha Sangh District President, Richard James presented a memorandum in this regard in the Public Hearing organized by Director General of Police Shri. Nandan Dubey  IPS. The public hearing was lead by Smt. Aruna Mohan  Rao, Additional Director General of Police.

The ADGP has asked the Inspector General of police, BhopalRange, Shri. Upendr Jain to take immediate action in the complaint. Following which a few members of the delegation met IG too later and handed over a complete file for immediate action.

press note HindiThe magazine is run by the committee headed by Smt. Sumitra Mahajan, Member of Parliament from Indore  and former Union Minister, the editor of the magazine is Anil Somitra and the writer of the article R L Francis.

Richard James said, “the article is very distasteful and offensive, police should take action against the editor, writer of the article and president of the committee that runs the magazine.”

“If the police fails to take action we will move ahead with further legal action,” he warned.

George Anthony, General Secretary of Isai Maha Sangh Bhopal District, said “it is done purposely to defame the community on communal lines. It is very unfortunate that ruling party is targeting the Christian community. We want police to take action.”

Isai Maha Sangh demanded legal action against the offenders and also asked the  people responsible to ask pardon form the community and withdraw the article.

The delegation included Monu Saxena, the Youth Congress, Vice President of the Bhopal Lok Sabha Constituency, Mrs. Edlina David, president of the Women’s wing of Isai Maha Sangh were also present in the delegation.

Richard James
District President
Isai Maha Sangh(MP)
Bhopal,  Cell: 09755157725

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