Anastasia Redeemed by Trophy D’Souza

AnastasiaKOLKATA —Anastasia needs to be heard and to be taken seriously even if she doesn’t dabble in ‘shady’ areas that usually get headlines. She’s outspokenly pure and simple, honest yet powerful. Anastasia who goes through painful traumas at the hands of incompetent religious Managers uses her faith and self belief to come out triumphant and successful. She tells her tale steeped in Kenyan and African tradition, yet bound by Christian values. It is a book religious Managers who are Trainers must read alongside their Bibles! It offers insights for the average lay reader as well, exposing the religious ‘fault lines’ in this African ‘rift valley’! This third book of the Author is truly an absorbing read.

Trophy D’Souza, who has experience of dealing with people in different settings in life, has a way with words in dealing with dysfunctional situations. His first book, A Bumpy Ride, shows how ‘incompetent Managers’ can affect people’s lives, very much the way Anastasia’s ‘bumpy ride’ through uncharted terrains nearly crashes out at an ‘intolerant- Management’ obstacle. Similarly in his second book, The Singh Saga, he elaborates on how unsteady characters can disturb the ‘managerial balance’ that is required to make a family functional.

Always concerned about a reader’s possible emotional spill-over his books provide motivation and inspiration. His books also constantly seek to resolve, to ‘redeem’ and to heal as in Anastasia Redeemed.

Product Details
ISBN-13: 9781909593985
Publisher: Legend Press Ltd
Publication date: 3/22/2013
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 5.00 (w) x 8.00 (h) x 0.33 (d)


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