The Singh Saga tells a Himalayan tale

The Singh SagaKOLKATA — The Singh Saga: A mountain tale by Trophy D’Souza unfolds the dysfunctional family struggles to keep itself together even while some members begin to drift away for different reasons. The senior members of the clan do not pick up on the fact that their traditional ways will not really help to control the changing agendas of the younger members.  Meanwhile a shrewd Outsider who gets into the clan through an ‘affair’ uses clever ways to climb the social ladder of the family and thus inherit privileges and possessions.  The senior members of the clan settled in their assured positions do not pick up on these clever moves.  So, could fate or nature step in to play a significant role altering the outcomes that seem inevitable? The book with its vibrant flow of language holds the reader’s attention as the Mountain tale unravels.

Trophy D’Souza, who has first-hand experience of dealing with people in different situations in life, analyses how family values can easily be eroded from within in his second book, The Singh Saga. His first book, A Bumpy Ride, which also deals with people, shows how dysfunctional managers can affect people’s lives in organizations.

He brings to his books a wealth of experience as a teacher, youth worker, manager and education advisor in Asia and Europe, and in Africa too where he also set up voluntary socio-education projects. Now based in the UK he teaches English Language courses, conducts ESL projects and writes life stories, and occasionally contributes to sports, music and news blogs. He also promotes Quantified Assessments he designed, which are currently used in two colleges in the UK and two in India.

Trophy brings to his writing his captivating style of language, packed with humour, wit and information, which also reflects his interests in drama, music, history and literature, and his travel experiences in different countries.


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