DB University starts new PG course “Social Media for Social Work”

Social MediaGUWAHATI — “Social Media for Social Work” is currently a master’s level 45 hour (3 credit) workshop where in we dare to skill social workers / activists (MSW 7th semester) who have no prior professional media skills to be a “Citizen Journalist.”

Following the principles of Backpack Journalism (a la Marquette University, USA), the trainer’s challenge / opportunity is to tap student’s social media application skills exhibited in the use of common / popular smart phones (camera, and audio/video digital recorder).

After a 15 hour training in news writing and reporting for newspapers / website / blogs / FaceBook and Twitter, the course will have 30 hours of hands on training in the production of photographs, campaign banners and posters for FB, podcast of audio bytes and YouTube clips for the same issue / campaign for which students will work in teams of four.

Today, 7th August, 12 teams have been formed and their campaign topic selected.

On Wednesday 14th August, the groups will have hands on training in Open Source audio/video editing software.

Watch out for campaign start on Twitter and FB.


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