Finding meaning in raw deals

trophy DGUWAHATI, (C.M. Paul) — No one sets up the twists and turns of one’s life. They are beyond one’s control. One could course through it in dangerously thrilling manner with scores of people lining up the side walks to cheer or hoot. Sometimes we don’t even have a clue to assess what is happening to us or around us. Some of these seemingly chaotic and meaningless events can inspire us or haunt us for the rest of our lives. Other times, the unpleasant life situations could leave us powerless and speechless when we have to face up to their fallout.

In “The Silence Beyond the Pain,” Indian born author based in London, Mr Trophy D’Souza looks realistically at the trials and experiences ministry trainees or members of religious groups. They often experience a ‘bumpy ride’ that ordinary folk don’t seem to be aware of. They also go through a Darwinian process of ‘the survival of the fittest’ in a subtly complex and socially pressurised environment. The teacher-turned author uses humour and anecdotal evidence to suggest alternative methods that could be set in place to produce more balanced ‘human products’ for today’s world.

Kevin, the lead character in “The Silence beyond the Pain” who endures years of systematic exclusion in his profession and painful separation from his own family, gets support and strength from ‘good Samaritans’ along the way, who bring optimism and resilience into his life.  The story spans three countries –Australia, Myanmar (Burma) and India– and covers some interesting facts on the history and culture especially of Burma.

Kevin’s early life in Burma is affected by World War 2 and the adventures and traumas it brought to the peace-loving Burmese people. With his father working for the British, who controlled Burma and India, Kevin had to spend many of his training years in India as well. In fact, it was during his adult working life in India later that his troubles began. Most of the ‘agony’ he faced stemmed from his association with a religious education organization. Even if there wasn’t really an ‘ecstasy’ on the horizon for Kevin, he is now at peace with the choices he has made for his fresh start in Australia.

The book highlights the ‘unholy collusion’ by religious Managers who use their ‘power’ to control human freedom and development. The ‘pain’ that Kevin went through in ‘silence’ now finds meaningful expression in the book. The facts exposed could very well serve as guidelines for those who hold authority especially in religious organizations today.

The book, while exposing dysfunctional situations, does not in any way depreciate religious beliefs or broadly held human concerns.  The author’s writing is as compelling in his first book “A Bumpy Ride” as it is in his three other books: in “The Singh Saga” (about a dysfunctional family); in “Anastasia Redeemed” (about dysfunctional management in an African setting); and now in The Silence Beyond the Pain (a trail of mismanagement across three countries –Australia, Burma, India).

Subtle comparisons can be drawn between A Bumpy Ride and Anastasia Redeemed when all the fallout of improper religious management is not properly reined in. While Ralph (in A Bumpy Ride) in some ways achieved his ‘dream’, Anastasia and Kevin (in The Silence Beyond the Pain) weren’t so fortunate. However the three protagonists show a faith that is really more heroic and sincere than that of their ‘pharisaic’ managers.

The author’s books are available on Amazon. Read more about his books on this blog:

The Silence Beyond the Pain: Waiting for Answers
Authored by Mr Trophy D’Souza
List Price: $5.99
5″ x 8″ (12.7 x 20.32 cm)
Black & White on White paper, 110 pages



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4 responses to “Finding meaning in raw deals

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    Congratulations Mr.Trophy D’Souza.
    “A Bumpy Ride” did make an excellent reading,rich in content ,sufficiently entertaining and in its flowing language. Looking forward to read the rest of your books at the earliest.

  2. Tom Matthews

    A Big Thank you to Trophy for tackling the apparent issues in THE SILENCE BEYOND THE PAIN in a professional way. Keep up the good work and for speaking on behalf of the SILENT FEW( MANY) who have gone through the pains and sufferings.Congratulations.
    Tom Matthews

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