RELEASING SHORTLY: Journal of Northeast Indian Cultures (JNEIC)

Journal BookjpgGUWAHATI, (C.M. Paul) — Journal of Northeast Indian Cultures (JNEIC). An International Peer Reviewed International Journal devoted to Social, Philosophical and Religious Underpinnings of the Region. The first Journal of Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU) has 128 pages containing 8 scholarly articles and a book review.

The home of ADBU northeast India comprises of the states of Assam, legendary for its tea gardens; Arunachal Pradesh, the first state in India to salute the sun; Tripura, with its rich princely traditions; Nagaland, renowned for tribal crafts and culture; Mizoram, known for its exquisite bamboo and cane products; Manipur, the home to marionette dance; Meghalaya, the abode of the clouds – also known as Scotland of the East; and, Sikkim, where the orchids bloom by the hillside.

This journal published twice a year is edited by Dr Paul Pudussery and a team of 4 Associate Editors along with 12 member eminent Advisory Board and 10 member Review Board.

JNEIC will report research, constructs and concepts related to the social, philosophical and religious underpinnings of the region providing a platform for serious thought provoking deliberations that will engender change and ensure continuity.

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