Varsity students coach high school kids

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGUWAHATI — What started off as outreach programme by some students of Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU) seven months ago, as evening coaching classes for 10 high school students from Azara Gaon village, to day the project has more than 130 students spread out from classes 7 to 10.

Christened SWASTYAYAN (commitment), the project, started by ADBU’s School of Social Sciences, Department of Social Work, was initiated to extend support and motivation among the children of communities in Azara Gaon Panchayat.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“It mainly aimed at providing them with tutorials in subjects like Mathematics, Science, Social Sciences and English, besides taking care of their growth and developmental needs as adolescents in a climate of rapidly changing and often hostile environment,” says project coordinator Mr Victor Nazary of MSW department.

He adds, “Apart from academic inputs, the neighbourhood students were taken through a series of sessions on goal setting, time management, life-skill development, spoken English tutorials, recreation, games and sports that were intended to enthuse and enhance their overall personality and self-esteem.”

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAVarious competitions in recitation, poetry, acting, singing, dancing, and drawing were conducted to identify the students’ talents so that their skills could be further honed.

The outstanding element of the programme has been the whole-hearted involvement of ADBU student communities of both Schools of Technology and Social Sciences.

Though it has been initiated and successfully run by the students of the Social Work Department, over a hundred students from the School of Technology participated as volunteers to teach, motivate, encourage and inspire the children from the neighbourhood.

Ms Asha Bora

Social activist Ms Asha Bora from Guwahati

Home-visits carried out in the communities, by the students of social work, have revealed peoples’ appreciation, gratitude and goodwill towards the programme, volunteers and the University.

The Swastyayan team conducted the Annual Day Programme, 26th November 2013,  to acknowledge and appreciate the dedication and efforts of the volunteers, on the one hand, and to gesture to the children and their parents that they’ll need to continue the good work with seriousness and dedication while preparing for their examinations in the coming days.

Azara Gram Panchayat President Mr Prabin Medhi

Azara Gram Panchayat President Mr Prabin Medhi

A pet project of ADBU Vice Chancellor Fr. (Dr.) Stephan Mavely, it all started last February with four MSW students, namely, Ms. Esalanmidaka Lyngdoh, Ms. Stephanie Nongkynrih, Ms. Habadei Kharsati and Ms. Veronica Nriame, facilitated by their Fieldwork Supervisor, Mr. Narzary.

After an exploratory study to access the perception of ADBU students and faculty in undertaking a social commitment programme in the community the organizers initially got 30 participants to volunteer.

Certificate given to student volunteers

Certificate given to student volunteers

An ADBU team consisting of MSW Director Dr. Riju Sharma, Project Coordinator Mr. Narzary, and four student volunteers visited community elders, Para Secretaries and the Sarkari Gaonburha, Mr. Sarat Chandra Das and discussed the proposed intervention and invited their views on it.

The student volunteers proceeded on a door to door survey in four localities of Azara Panchayat to collect names and details of class 9 and 10 students willing to join the free tutorial.

In keeping up with its commitment to eradicate social evil of high school dropouts in the neighbourhood, ADBU extended its state-of-the-art classrooms for the tutorial.

ADBU students distribute snacks for all...

ADBU students distribute snacks for all…

While several personality development sessions, recreational programmes and competitions were conducted to bolster the students’ growth and development, the volunteers had motivational and tutorial skilling sessions.

Recent home visits conducted reveal that the children, parents and community people are “highly satisfied by the service provided by the university through Swastyayan.”

Some of the parents suggested that “if the students could be taught English well, they could do well in other subjects too.”

Besides opening up the tutorial to accommodate more students in January, ADBU plans to hold a crash-course for HSLCE Candidates as immediate preparation for public exams.



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2 responses to “Varsity students coach high school kids

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    I personally am really thrilled at the fabulous response that ADBU ,has received for this out-reach programme. I wish the same is done in an ORGANISED WAY ,with more public participation, over here in Kerala especially for High-School students.IT IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR FROM SEVERAL PERSPECTIVES.Although some activities are already done in similar lines at MCGC (Marian Career Guidance Centre,Kottayam),since TWO YEARS much more could be done.I wish structures similar to ADBU,in KERALA open their eyes as well as their hearts,to do the needful instead of trying to suppress the good that is being done.

  2. A move in the right direction: any effort towards ‘community development’ will enhance the development not only of the recipients but also of those who offer to deliver the program. Well done ADBU!

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