‘Short STORY’ on FR CAPO PRADHAN [verzotto-pancratio]

Author Trophy D’Souza writes from London…

verzottoI would be pleased if you could help by contributing ideas, anecdotes about him, and perhaps of your interaction with him.  I could include them in the story if they could fit in conveniently. I can of course not mention your names, if that is what you wish….or give you a sort of ‘fictitious’ name, as I have given to individuals in the 4 books I have written so far.’

So, if you can jog your memories and find out even the silliest or most trivial of incidents: they make excellent ‘story copy’: e.g. [these are just some samples of what you could perhaps recall… or write up… Just even short bits like this:]

–One morning just after breakfast one of those ‘luga’ people had come…I knew that Capo had tried to get rid of him/her the umpteenth time… but our Capo true to his style just said, ‘Hi…how’s your child? how’s everyone in the village…Today I don’t have luga but when I get some I’ll call you…’..Hope you have a good day!

–One day when I had really bothered him beyond belief Capo still smiled and said, ‘now I must say you have a lot of patience to keep trying my patience…The Fathers of the Church called it the virtue of ‘perseverance’…Carry on…’

–I remember walking behind him on one of his one-mile walk to the post office in Sonada…and notice how this ‘little boy’ kept pestering him for sweets…He had just one to give the little guy… and then just turned the whole request around, and began revising his Nepali…and the little kid just enjoyed his mistakes…and he too laughed all the way to the Post Office!’

I’m still trying to get some family details of him….which would of course help a lot…..Many years back I met one of his sisters, who was an FMA nun,(I think) in Pisa…… but not sure if she’s the one still around. One of the 3 who became nuns (one of the 2 FMA ones) is still around…In my broken Italian I could still try and send her a note…if I can get that contact now.

I hope to write the story in the next month possibly….so anything you could send me should get to me in the next 2 weeks. I’m planning to include the story in my book of Short Stories which will have a range of stories (on different topics) in it, which I plan to bring out in the next few months, if all goes well.

Meanwhile I’m putting in [one of these days] a short entry in my blog www.trodza.wordpress.com as a starter. My Short Story hopefully should be must longer.

I’m also planning a Short Story on Bro Isaac….. if you have any stories / anecdotes on him… He was one of those great guys who, I think, lived an exemplary life and who did an immense amount of good in his own quiet way.

Thanks very much for your help….always! Stay in touch [trukay@gmail.com]



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2 responses to “‘Short STORY’ on FR CAPO PRADHAN [verzotto-pancratio]

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla


  2. Thomas Mathew Devdan

    In 1981, we were doing our Novice level studies in Nazareth Bhavan, Siliguri and the Novice Master was away for a Meditation for three days. So, Fr. Verzotto known to us only as ‘Father Capo’ came to take his place and the Asst. Master Fr. John Berger went to Sonada to take Fr. Verzotto’s place. (more later…)

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