Desecration of heritage Crucifix in Mumbai prior to Narendra Modi’s rally

Slide1MUMBAI – A Jesus statue on a heritage Holy Cross dating back to 1880s was found vandalized and desecrated early on Sunday (15th December) morning around the wayside cross near Vile Parle (W), a western suburb of Mumbai city.

Mr Ashley, who lives in the near-by lane told The Christian Secular Forum that “the manner in which the Jesus statue was targeted made one suspect that it was a willful act.”

He pointed out to the dastardly way in which the hands and even fingers looked seemingly cut.
The police however have not drawn any conclusion yet and requested for some time.

A CSF member Renni, who was at the spot pointed out that “there is every possibility of fundamentalists trying to send a message to the Christian minority, who are sought to be brow-beaten.”

Slide2The local member of the legislative assembly (MLA), Krishna Hegde assured the CSF leaders that care would be taken to ensure communal harmony.

“We pointed out to him that since Narendra Modi was scheduled to address a huge rally on 22nd December 2013 in Mumbai, this could be misused by communal elements trying to fan up baser instincts,” cautioned the CSF General Secretary Joseph Dias.

Countering the story circulated by the local Police Mr Dias adds, “according to our investigations, there is a distinct possibility that that the intention was to create communal discord and it was not the work of thieves or drug addicts.”

Slide3Mr Dias insisted that, “there is no evidence to back their (police) version.”

The dismembered statue photographs reveal that an instrument could be used to break the Jesus statue.

An FIR was lodged in the Santa Cruz police station and the priests, with the parishioners of St. Francis Xavier Church, under whose jurisdiction the cross is venerated, took the remains of the statue to the church in procession and then handed it over to the police.

The CSF leaders demanded that “the police need to make an arrest and clarify what exactly happened. “

They fear that in view of the general and state elections being round the corner, there will be an increase in such attacks.

“We have called upon the police to step up vigilance and night patrol around the many crosses, as a precaution against such occurrences repeating,” said Mr Dias.


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