1st Sem Students Hold 10-day Camp

MSW 1st Sem at Sapoi Bhutia Ali rural camp 2013

ADBU MSW 1st Sem at Sapoi Bhutia Ali rural camp 10-20 December 2013

SAPOI BHUTIA ALI , DEKHIAJUI, (Dupphidalin Lyngdoh) — The Assam Don Bosco University; MSW 1ST semester students held 10-day Rural Practicum from 9th of December, at Bhutiali, Dekhiajuli, in Sonitpur District, Assam, 148 kms from the University’s Azara campus.

“The Rural Practicum is part of their course of study and the objective was to enable the trainees to understand and gain exposure to rural life and to also help them adjust with rural community,” faculty member Rachel Kabi who accompanied students.

Divided into seven committees like Infrastructure, Travel, Food, Documentation, First-aid, Cultural, and Discipline some 50 trainees, men and women,  stayed in the community for ten days and they conducted various activities in the community.

Street play in the villageDuring their stay at the community, the trainees were accommodated at the PAJHRA centre owned by an NGO that works for Adivasi empowerment.

During the first village visit for rapport building – the students interacted with the people to get to know the people and to build a healthy and friendly pattern of communication.

In the following days, the trainees conducted a health related survey in different villages and Tea Estates such as Narayanpur, Sapoi, Bhutiali, Hollongakatta and Tinkhuria.

They interacted with the people of these villages and tea estates to find out the present health condition of the women. Through the survey they were able to find out the following major health problems included Tuberculosis, Malaria, Cancer and Jaundice.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOther illnesses included asthma, body ache, gastric, arthritis and diarrhoea. There are few incidents of pregnancy related problems and deaths. In some of the Hospitals there are no permanent Doctors, only a Pharmacist and a few nurses, and there is inadequate and insufficient supply of medicine. Majority of the women are not enjoying good health and are mostly anaemic.

Through Street play the trainees tried to bring awareness on the social problems prevailing in the community such as alcoholism, human trafficking, domestic violence and health related problems.

Based on these issues the trainees performed street plays in these tea estates to sensitize these issues to the people. They also touched on issues like child labour, importance of education and human rights.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe trainees also conducted cleaning drives in PAJHRA centre under the guidance of their faculty supervisor. The trainee cleaned the entrance and the surrounding area.

Since the centre was proposing to construct a small park inside the centre, the boys made bamboo benches. They also constructed a bamboo hut in the surrounding area utilizing local resources.

The trainees organized and conducted a few fun activities (games) for local students living at the PAJHRA centre and preparing for matriculation exams.

The evaluation activity was guided by the faculty supervisor Mrs Kabi to monitor and ensure the trainees’ progress in their planned activities.


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