Kochi college girl self publishes book of poems in Kindle

Sheryl AmazonKOCHI – A college girl in Kerala published her first book of English poems in the leading digital book publisher Amazon.com. She contacted the publisher, made her own cover design, page lay out, converted it into HTML format, priced and published the Kindle reader version, 27 December.

“I published the book on Amazon by myself, by following the instructions given on their (Kindle Direct Publishing) website,” Sheryl says explaining the publishing process.

Sharing further details she says, “I formatted my book, according to their [Amazon.com] instructions, and I created a cover using Amazon’s software. Since this book has not been given to any publisher for publishing, I own the rights to publish the book, and I had to fill a Tax Exemption form (as I am not a U.S. citizen). Finally, I submitted by book document (after converting it to HTML) and it was published within 24 hours.”

“My first book, ‘Sheryl’s Poetic Fantasies’, features 50 poems based on various themes, such as nature, food, travel, school, and philosophy,” says Sheryl Cherian Parakkal from Kochi.

sheryl1“It is written mostly in a light-hearted way, solely to entertain and perhaps even amuse those who read them,” says Sheryl who completed her “O” and “A” levels (class X and XII) in Dubai.

Currently a student of BSc Chemistry at St. Teresa’s College Ernakulum, Sheryl spent some months studying chemistry in the University of Sheffield, UK.

“Before I began writing, I decided to target adults, but as I wrote and discovered what my writing style was like, I decided to aim for and audience of older children and young adults,” confesses Sheryl who loves reading novels, listening to music and watching movies.

Her poem titles run on a wide range of topics from Egypt, The Candy Shop, Creative Madness, The Accident, Mosquito Menace, Firefly, etc.

“My college peers and my parents liked my poems a lot, and congratulated me for publishing the book,” Sheryl says with a tinge of pride.

“I felt like a child again,” says Sheryl’s friend who read a few of her poems.

Sheryl buts in “If I have been able to capture the bliss of childhood in my writing, then I am truly happy!”

“Use your time productively,” she says quoting author Paulo Coelho as her advice to fellow college-mates.

Coelho says, “there are 24 hours in a day and instead of lounging around in front of the TV, do useful things.”

Revealing further the genesis of her passion for poetry Sheryl says, “The poet that inspired me and whose poem encouraged me to write in a simple and humorous manner is Roger McGough, who wrote the poem ‘Vinegar’:


I feel like a priest
In a fish and chips queue

Quietly thinking
As the vinegar runs through
How nice it would be
To buy supper for two.

The very simple yet witty poem, was counted among the United Kingdom’s favourite twentieth century poems in a poll conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation in 1999.


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2 responses to “Kochi college girl self publishes book of poems in Kindle

  1. Well done Sheryl….. I found Amazon amazing! I too publish with them…Check the site…I must try and get a copy of your book at some point…and may write about you in on of my blogs, on my blogsite [should you agree.]

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