AAP Team’s Questions to NaMo

Narendra Modi - Arvind Kejriwal

Narendra Modi – Arvind Kejriwal

AHMEDABAD — Here are some questions that were raised by the AAP team to Mr. Narendra Modi. The biggest of them is… Will Mr NaMo answer any?

1. Usage of Solar power in Gujarat was highlighted as a key achievement of the Modi government. The financials were clearly ignored? It seems that Solar power is costing much more, even more than another BJP ruled state of Madhya Pradesh? Its the same Sun right?

2. Why in Gujarat, Solar power is bought at Rs 13 without tender?MP & Karnataka buy the same at Rs 7.5 & 5.5 with proper tenders?
How do U claim 11% agriculture growth rate, when stats released by Guj Govt for 2012/13 indicate that it has fallen to 1.18%?

3. According to Guj govt. stats, agricultural output has fallen from 27,815 cr in 2006/07 to 25,908 cr in 2012/13.

4. Is your development model anti small & medium scale industry? In Mehsana, of the 187 such units, 140 units have shut down.

5. Recently, for 1500 Govt. jobs, 13 lakh people had applied. Yet you claim that you have solved the unemployment problem?

6. Primary healthcare centers in many villages are shut. Basic medicines are not available in many distt. level hospitals?

7. In the past few years, over 800 farmers have committed suicide. Farmers are not being paid basic support price for their crops.

8. U claim electricity in every Guj.village. U’r govt. is sitting on over 4 lakh applications from farmers for Elec. connections.

9. Farmers compensated for land acquired at rates much lower than market.Same land given at subsidized price of Rs 1 to Ambanis?

10. Why has the Guj. Govt. filed a case in Court against the Sikh farmers of Kutch? Will you snatch away their land?

11. In 2005, the height of Narmada dam increased for providing water to people of Kutch. 9 years on, they are still waiting! Why?

12. Is the Son-in-law of the Amabani family, a minister in your govt. handling the portfolio of energy! Can you explain this?

13. Why do people need to pay bribes for getting Govt. jobs, BPL cards, even Industrial licenses? Is this not corruption?


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