Man is known by the company he keeps

Modi NaMoThe PR machinery of Narendra Modi will like us to believe that he is different from leaders of other political parties like Congress, SP, BSP, Shiv Sena or even BJP but is he?

Share these facts with your friends and family and tell them to vote for an honest candidate/party this time.

BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate has an amazing ability of being able to hide the truth in plain sight. But if one looks a little closer, one finds the cracks in Modi’s Development Model. Does one really needs convicted minsters, and outlawed friends to be a “development” man?

Here are past records of some people who are still closely associated with Shri Narendra Modi:

1. Amit Shah (Former Home Minister of Gujrat, present day BJP poll manager for Uttar Pradesh) – Shah has been charged with murder, and with being the head of an extortion syndicate. After having several bail applications rejected, Shah was granted bail by the Gujarat High Court in October 2010.

Following this, the CBI has approached the Supreme Court to cancel bail granted by the High Court on the charge that he could tamper with the evidences, on which Amit Shah was asked to stay out of Gujarat while his bail petition challenge was in court.

2. Vitthalbhai Radadiya – In October 2012, he has been caught on camera pulling out a rifle, brandishing it and threatening employees at a toll plaza near Vadorara.

He was a congress MP back then, but BJP ignored this fact for vote bank politics, and Modi personally welcomed him in BJP with garlands.

NDTV Video –

NDTV article about him joining BJP –

3. Babubhai Bokharia sentenced to three years imprisonment for his involvement in the Rs 54 crore illegal limestone mining scam in Porbandar.

Source –

While everyone knows that UPA has lost all credibility and become irrelevant, do we want it to replace it with someone who is no better and needs 1000s of crores worth PR/Advertising machinery to brand him as the change agent. Now that we have a real option, do we still need to compromise.


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2 responses to “Man is known by the company he keeps

  1. When Dr. Manmohan Singh said that he cannot stoop down to the level of Narendra Modi and speak like him, Dr. M. Singh was right.

  2. From a store of good things only good can come forth and out of a treasure of evil only evil comes forth. The lot is cast into the lap, but the decision is the Lord’s alone.

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