Flood in St. Mary’s School, Maligaon

St Mary's Maligaon campus under water

St Mary’s Maligaon campus under water

Maligaon, (Lissy Rose) – St.Mary’s school was forced to close for summer holidays ahead of scheduled closure on 30th June on account of flood. The approach road to the school was disrupted with mud and flooding with drain water compelled the school authorities to announce early summer vacation.

“It is a difficult situation we face this year during the monsoon season. On school days you can imagine about 1700 students from four to eighteen years of age entering the school in the water. Some days the children had to stay on upstairs without even coming down to the playground”, says principal of the school Sr. Lissy Rose.

Explaining the situation further she said, “During the rainy season many places in Maligaon get flooded. The situation is worse this year with most places where the drains are not cleared forcing the water to overflow.”

Student finds her way in the flood

Student finds her way in the flood

She added, “It is a fact that the drains are blocked since people built houses over them forcing the water to enter the school campus and the adjacent land causing great inconvenience also to the people in the neighborhood.”

As flood in Guwahati during the monsoon season is a usual phenomena the state Govt. has initiated the eviction of illegal occupants for the creation of a new drainage system in the city. However as Maligaon area comes under the Northern Frontier Railway, people demand a permanent solution to flooding with a new drainage system.


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