Media day at Holy Child Guwahati

Assamese Film actress at Holy Child

Assamese Film actress  Zareefa Wahid at Holy Child  School

Guwahati, (Annie V) – A popular Assamese film actress was the Chief Guest of the Media day celebrations organized by the media club members on 24th June 2014 at Holy Child School, Guwahati.

Speaking on the occasion, actress Miss Zareefa Wahid invited the students,” to select only what is good and useful that the media presents to us and to discard all that diverts our real focus in life.

The Media club members put up a variety show such as skits, music, dance etc highlighting the blessings that media has brought to humanity and the need for wise use of it.

The ten year old Media club of Holy Child aims creating awareness among the students on the wise use of Media.

Last year they had it with the deprived children of Auxilium Ashalaya and donated stationary items like pen, pencil box, copy book and snacks to them.

In 2011 , the youth day was celebrated in the school mini-stadium in a grant scale in which several celebrities were invited. A beautiful cultural programme was performed to mark the occasion. Representatives of Media club members from two sister-schools ie, St. Mary’s Maligaon and St.Mary’s Guwahati too participated and performed items.

Media Club on stage

Media Club on stage

Before concluding the celebration , the President of the Media Club made an announcement that they would subscribe two magazines, ‘Down to Earth’ and Reader’s Digest for one year for the School Library. They had also planned to spend the afternoon out and pay a visit to G.L. Publications. But due to the inclement weather, they had to postpone it for another day in August after the summer vacation.

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