Dr John Dayal for Rajya Sabha

This piece of writing is not to cause offense to anybody, nor a panegyric for somebody.

Rights activist Dr John Dayal

Rights activist Dr John Dayal

I have used the freedom of expression to offer my views to the Indian Church.

Regardless of denominational boundaries, John Dayal is undoubtedly a household name.

Recognized as an unusual gift from God, the indelible mark he has made on Indian Christian community is conspicuous everywhere – East, West, North and South.

How often India has read him in Newspapers and watched him on television on crucial issues pertaining to the minorities!

Be it the Gujarat carnage or the pogroms against Christians in Odisha, whether it is the individual ignominy or an ecclesial scandal, be it a legal battle or an aggressive frontal assault, major Christian groups have all sought his help to defend their cause.

He is not just a “prominent member of catholic community” as the renowned Journalist Javed Naqvi described him in Deccan Chronicle recently. He is perhaps the most sought-after stalwart and champion of suffering Christians in the country today who stays bonded with all sections of the community.

Indian Christian Community is sometimes baffled to see some obscure Christians occupy prominent places in Government Agencies and Commissions. It is indeed mind-boggling why a person of the stature and calibre of John Dayal has never made into those positions.

The community has fielded him to speak for those who have no voice and to fight for those trampled and denied of their rights. But it has perhaps never thought collectively of deploying him in high places of power to be able to bolster a beleaguered community he has served with so much of zeal and enthusiasm.

Like a stigmatized Karna in Mahabharata, totally divested of his supernatural shield and weapons, he fights his battle naturally.

Admittedly, John Dayal’s contribution to the victims of persecution has been immense. Though not placed in the corridors of power, he has served the community well and produced extra-ordinarily.

It would be interesting to witness how a man like him would perform when seated in the Upper House.

Some may argue, it is impossible to think of a motion such as this, certainly not under the new government. But John Dayal is not a new kid on the wall.

The Governments which had many Christians in places of authority in the past had never thought about sharing power with him. Except for a membership in the National Integration Council with no major role to play, he seems thrashed out of the arena.

It clearly calls for freedom from sectarian agendas. Those in political parties who have cherished a long time friendship with him now have to galvanize their good wishes into serious action. There can’t be a better time for Christian friendly states and constituencies to march on magnanimously considering the candidature of John Dayal.

Federations like CBCI, NCCI, EFI and other national bodies have to form and reform ways to impact the process of the government in the next few years, if not anon.

Those who know Dr. Dayal would concur he has the will, the determination, the passion, the prowess, the skill and dexterity.

Doesn’t he deserve a rich offering from the Indian Church before he hangs his boot to retire from active service?

Respectfully submitted by,
Bishop Joab Lohara
President, Free Methodist World Council



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16 responses to “Dr John Dayal for Rajya Sabha

  1. Fr Dominic Emmanuel

    This is certainly a great idea and as John Dayal and many of us in Delhi know that we had brought up this issue already at the time of Archbishop Allen de Lastic when he was also the President of the CBCI in year 1998-2000. To the best of my knowledge the Archbishop had even written a letter to the powers that be. The matter came up again a few times afterwards but did not gather enough steam.
    It is certainly a goal worth working for, particularly in these times when slowly but certainly, great changes will take place in the overall scenario vis-a-vis particularly those who do not profess the Hindu religion, even if they are true patriotic citizens of our motherland India.
    The Church leaders must agree on this and approach Mrs. Gandhi once again to push his name from at least some states where the Congress still has numbers.
    I have worked with John Dayal closely for the last 16 years and having known his dedication, his scholarship and his love for the Church, with full confidence I endorse the view that he deserves it and at this time needs to be promoted, by any means available to us, as the member of RS.
    Fr. Dominic Emmanuel SVD
    Editor – The Word Among Us

  2. I fully endorse the nomination. Dr John Dayal is a tall leader of the Indian Christian community. He has been a fearless human rights and social activist for over 25 years that I have known him.


    I am an avid reader of Dr. John Dayal’s articles in different periodicals. Recently, I met him in person in Delhi, when the Society of St Paul celebrated the Centenary of its foundation where he was one of the guests of honour. I strongly recommend Dr. John Dayal for the nomination to Rajya Sabha. James Uppani

  4. Michael Gonsalves

    Undoubtedly, he is the right choice!! The Catholic Church should endorse his name unitedly without losing much time.

  5. A C Michael

    Yes indeed a very good choice. I pray to CBCI to fully endorse this move.

  6. Vanathu Antoni

    John deserves the nomination. He would do well to be the voice of the unheard. Good wishes to him.

  7. Vijay George

    This is indeed a great move.. we all have to support and stands by him.

  8. Francis Gonsalves

    I fully endorse the choice of Dr. John Dayal for nomination to the Rajya Sabha. Over the years he has been a ‘prophetic voice’ with astute analyses of socio-political situations, a compassionate heart for the poor-persecuted, finesse of expression (written and oral in English and Hindi) and immense courage to ‘stick his neck out’ in troubled times.
    All the churches should back his nomination.
    Francis Gonsalves, S.J.

  9. Norbert Fernandez

    Without any second thought the church as well as the various human right activits groups and all the minority groups should strive for the same.
    Undoubtedly he is the choice.

  10. Pramod Singh

    I think this is the need of the hour. I believe Dr. John Dayal’s participation in Rajya Sabha will add depth to the debates and bring viewpoints which have long been muted. He has conviction, conscience and commitment to uphold the values that independent India was born with.

  11. Prem Antony IMS

    I am sure Dr. Dayal’s presence will add quality to the proceedings of the Upper House. I do wish that he is nominated a member of Rajya Sabha. This is a worthwhile issue and must be taken up with full force with those who can support his candidature.

  12. Sr.Carol MSA

    I fully endorse the choice of Dr. John Dayal for nomination to the Rajya Sabha.

    • Saju Varghese

      Yes, I am closely known with Dr. John in various activities through New Delhi YMCA and Catholic – Jacobite Christian Movement. He certainly deserve for it. I hope Our (Jacobite) Diocese will agree for it. Best of LUCK .. God Bless…

  13. M a BHATTI

    Dr John deserves this

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