Modi’s Hype & Hoopla

MODIPrime Minister Narendra Modi never hides his failure. This is why he admits “hype is good as it helps to expedite the process of decision making”. Modi said “hyping things up help to create a momentum”.
This is what he told the Vibrant Gujarat Summit on Jan 11 [Sunday] 2015. Clearly what he told the voters in April- May last year (2014) was nothing more than “hype” which means “a deception carried out for the sake of publicity’ and not the commitment to the voters.
Farzand bhai presents here are five major hypes that mesmerized the voters during the Lok Sabha polls campaign.

Hype No: 1: To bring every penny of the black money stashed abroad distribute the same among the people.
Fact: Nov 27 2014 [Financial Express]: The Narendra Modi government today insisted in Lok Sabha that it had never claimed that all the black money stashed abroad would be brought back within 100 days. Parliamentary Affairs Minister M Venkaiah Naidu cited Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) Lok Sabha election manifesto which said a task force would be set up to deal with the problem of black money. “We are not so immature to say we will bring back entire black money in 100 days,” Naidu said while intervening in a debate on black money.

Hype No: 2: The government would clean up Holy River Ganga. Promises to clean the Ganges figured in Modi’s election speeches and in his party’s election manifesto. Soon after coming to power in May, he signaled that the Ganges would be a priority by creating a Ministry for Water Resources, River Development and Ganges Rejuvenation. It allocated $334 million for it with a commitment to clean the river in three years.
Fact: The Supreme Court on Wednesday (14 JANUARY 2015) once again pulled up the Modi government for the delay in cleaning up of the Ganga. The Apex Court wondered if the NDA government would be able to clean up the river before its term ends. “Do you want to complete it this term or the next term? (Are you) keeping the issue alive?” a three-judge bench headed by Justice TS Thakur asked the Modi government. The Centre told the court it will finish the mega project to clean up the 2,525 km-Long River [from Gangotri to Bay of Bengal] by 2018.

Hype No: 3: Once voted to power the NDA government promised to provide one crore jobs to the youth of the country.
Fact: Even after seven months a range of leaders from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to VHP leader Parveen Togadia kept talking about 8 crore youth to get job.

Hype No: 4: One of the five points in Modi’s agenda for governance, which finds pride of place in the BJP manifesto, is the only way of government should be Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikaas (progress for all, with the cooperation for all).
Fact: Hardly six months in power RSS and affiliates launched the “Ghar Wapsi” [Home-coming] campaign which terrified minorities [Muslims & Christians] as it meant re-conversion. While Prime Minister Narendra Modi maintained studied silence over the issue RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat declared the “Ghar Wapsi” campaign will go on.

Hype No: 5: During the campaign Narendra Modi went on saying corruption is deadlier than cancer and there is an urgent need to free nation from it. Once in power he declared “na khayenge, na khane denge”
Fact: Corruption continues to rage. Even bureaucracy ignored his commitment. According to TEHRIR’s Sanjay Sharma Out of Total 4695 IAS Officers , 4276 ( More than 91% ) were yet to file IPR [Immovable Property Return] ( as on 15-01-15 ) for the year 2014 due by 31.01.2015 with only 16 days remaining.
Yet our Prime Minister believes “Hype is good”.


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One response to “Modi’s Hype & Hoopla

  1. Fr.Tomy Kuruvilla

    If religion can survive on Hype so much why not Politics?
    Everything is not bad in him after all. So let us wait and see.

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