Students Grab Awards, Laurels at Water Conference 2015

Models that won both first and second prizes at Water Conference 2015.

Assam Don Bosco University Models that won both 1st & 2nd prizes at Water Conference.

GUWAHATI — The three student teams that participated at the Water Conference held at Guwahati 5-8 February 2015 under the guidance of Asst Professor, Deptt of Civil Engg Mrs Pori Das won both first and second prizes. They also received praise from Central Minister for Water Resources and Assam Chief Minister.

In the inaugural session of the conference held at Assam Water Research and Management Institute at Basistha Guwahati, the Central Minister of Water Resources, Uma Bharti and Chief Minister of Assam Shri Tarun Gogoi praised both ADBU models.

Ms Uma Bharti asked the Doner Minister, Jitender Singh to call ADBU Team for a presentation in Feb, 2015 itself, to assess practical implementation of the models.

Mrs Das says, “Uma Bharti particularly mentioned about ADBU model in the conference and so there was a big rush at our stall to witness our models.”

ADBU Team at the Water Conference 2015

ADBU Team at the Water Conference 2015

Four six semester students took part in two competitions held under students category, participated by all the technical institutes of Guwahati including IIT Guwahati, AEC, AEI, Royal, Scholar’s, Guwahati School of Architecture, and GIMT.

Three member panel of judges included Dr. W.A. Flugel, from Jena University, Germany, Dr. Bibhash Sharma, AEC, and Mr N.N.Barua, Chief Engineer, Water Resources Deptt

The second competition category was student model-making on the theme: Management of Water Related Disasters – Urban & Rural.

Thirteen students of 6th Semester won the first prize for their project on: Self Building Mudflow Fence Dams. The working model with theme “Going with nature to offset its destructive forces”
showed real landslide. It was placed under novel, innovative, eco-friendly, pro-community-participation, low-cost, less-labour intensive methodology.

The judges for this category were: Asian Development Bank Head Ms N. Totsuka, Director of GDS, Jena, GmBH, Germany Mr. Christoph Boehm, and Mr. Iqbal Hassan of University of Sheffield, U.K.

Six students of 4th Semester and 1 student of 8th Semester won the 2nd prize for: Urban Stormflow Stilling Drains. The working model exhibit showed how to increase the capacity of the existing drains by placing commonly available prefabricated concrete blocks, sal wood blocks or boulders. Screens could be placed over drains for trapping the sediments in the drains and the trapped sediments could be easily cleaned from top of the drains without disturbing traffic. The sediments were shown to be trapped under flowing water in the drains.

The judges placed the model under novel, innovative, eco-friendly, pro-community-participation, low-cost, flexible, less-labour intensive methodology.

ADBU Team with Ms Uma Bharati

ADBU Team with Ms Uma Bharati

Assistant Professor Mrs. Pori Das and the award-winning students were called for discussion by Sushri Uma Bharti at Brahmaputra Guest House on 10th Feb, 2015 to discuss on the implementation of the Self Building Mudflow Fence Dams at Chattisgarh and the hilly regions of North East Himalayan regions and asked for submission of a project proposal for the same to the Union Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India.

Further developments form the meeting are: ADBU students would be called for the India Water Week, New Delhi. The students would be invited for 2-3 months intership with stipend under Ministry of Water Resources, Govt of India. Ms. Pori Das would be called for technical suggestions on matters related to such low-cost water resources management technology for North-eastern region of India.

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  1. Tremendous achievements by the students of ADBU, congrats to Mrs. Pori Das for her efforts with the students

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