Assam Don Bosco University confers degrees on 190 overseas students

A group of foreign students from 13 countries with the governor at the convocation.

A group of foreign students from 13 countries with the governor at the convocation.

Guwahati — Some 190 students of DBU Global, the Global Center for Online & Distance Education of Assam Don Bosco University, hailing from 26 countries besides India received their respective degrees at the 4th Annual Convocation, held 3rd September 2015.

Present at the convocation were 21 students from 13 countries (Qatar, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Dubai, Kenya, Oman, Belgium, Mozambique, South Sudan and the Philippines) who successfully completed their degree program in Bachelor of Computer Applications, Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, Executive Master of Business Administration, MBA in Entrepreneurship, MBA in Technology Management, and MS Information Technology, and Master of Computer Applications (MCA).

Assam Chief Minister addressing 4th convocation.

Assam Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogoi addressing 4th convocation at Azara campus.

“It is a good program which enhances our knowledge and gives a degree to push up our salary,’ says Mr Bento Alberto Sitoe from Mozambique who completed 3-year BCA on-line program while working in Qatar as Process Controller at Qatalum company.

“It is amazing to see that, there is substantially growing number of professionals seeking to add a degree to their years of experience, majority of them are men folk,” says ADBU’s On-line Education Director Fr Xavier Mattam commenting on almost 400 per cent increase in the number of graduates this year.

Fr Mattam insists, “the working professionals today need programs that bridge the gap between academia and the needs of a career in the global workplace. No longer can an individual go through an entire career, without up-skilling himself or herself.”

L to R : Assam Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogoi, Governor of Assam and Visitor to the University Shri Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya,ADBU Chancellor Fr Thomas Vattathara (VM), Vice Chancellor Dr Stephen Mavely at 4th Convocation Inaugural.

L to R : Assam Chief Minister Shri Tarun Gogoi, Governor of Assam and Visitor to ADBU Shri Padmanabha Balakrishna Acharya, Chancellor Fr Thomas Vattathara (VM), and Vice Chancellor Dr Stephen Mavely.

Other DBU Global on-line courses include Under Graduate Courses: Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA), and Bachelor of Computer Application.

Among the Post Graduate Courses are: Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Business Administration (MBA), MBA in Entrepreneurship, Business Management and Strategy, MBA in Technology Management, MS in Information Technology (MSIT), and Master of Computer Applications (MCA).

Envisioned to provide quality university degree programs on an online platform to students and working professionals across the world, DBU Global uses the latest in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the power of the Internet to reach out to students around the world.

Working in close collaboration with University18, India’s first and largest e-education platform, DBU Global delivers degree programs to some 5,000 students and free online certificate program for another 5,000 across India and abroad.

Using a state-of-the-art virtual classroom platform, DBU Global students attend classes over the internet, interacting with professors teaching at some of the finest institutions in India, and fellow students placed across the globe.


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