Alumnus pays bi-centennial tribute to Don Bosco through mural

Tribute to Don Bosco mural at the closing of bi-centennial celebrations South Asia at DB Liluah.

Mural at the closing of Don Bosco bi-centennial celebrations South Asia at DB Liluah.

Liuah — The bicentenary mural to be unveiled on the façade of Don Bosco School Liluah Auditorium is a tribute to the father and friend of youth Don Bosco by a DBL alumnus.
“It is my labour of love and I am privileged to do it for my alma mater,” says Mr Subrato Ganguly, CEO of the internationally renowned Kolkata based Churchart.

He adds, “Through this mural, I would like to eulogize the eternal friend and philosopher of youth St John Bosco, for the upcoming generations.”

The 11 ft by 6 ft mural depicts, in typical Indian motif, Don Bosco as the radiant Sun – the universal source of light and energy. Just as Lord Surya (the Sun God) rides in his seven-horse chariot spreading light, Don Bosco too has edified the youth dispelling the darkness of ignorance, hunger and sorrow. An inspiration for and embodiment of every human achievement in this institution,

Don Bosco the educator personifies wisdom (swans), knowledge (the quill) and joy (musical instruments). The fern leaves in the mural depict evolving life and civilization, the folded palms and flowers portray devotion and dedication, and the locomotive is a reminder of the association of Don Bosco, Liluah with the Indian Railways.

A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface. The first murals known to mankind goes back to 30,000 BC.
There are many different styles and techniqes and perhaps the best known is fresco.
The use of fibre glass murals, like the one presented here, is a relatively new concept in the modern world.

Contact: Mr Subrato Ganguly – e;Mail:

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