Inspiring stories for young people

Francis FDZGuwahati, (C.M. Paul) — An inspirational book entitled “Life in all its fullness” was recently released to mark bi-centenary of the birth of St John Bosco and 10th anniversary of the foundation of Don Bosco Institute at Kharguli Guwahati.

The book compiled by Dr Francis Fernandez currently Controller of Examinations and Director of Campus Ministry at Assam Don Bosco University, runs into 90 pages and contains 46 anecdotes. Each anecdote is spread out in two pages and concludes with a brief moral lesson placed in a highlighted box at the bottom of the page.

Published by Don Bosco Publications Guwahati the book is priced at Rs.125.00.

Having been the associate director of Don Bosco Institute, Kharguli, for nearly 8 years since its inception in 2004, the author has chosen themes and examples that will play a vital role in the formation to maturity of the hundreds of young people that pass through the portals of DBI, a centre that has for its motto “building dreams and shaping lives.”

The book is designed to be a companion to young people seeking a sure foothold in life through learning skills toward a worthwhile placement.

Ready source of inspiration and reference, the anecdotes and reflections found in the book, the author says, “will enable every young person to believe in himself or herself. It will help young people to strive to attain that degree of maturity and motivation that will see him or her through the vicissitudes of life.”

The emphasis of the author in this book is to show the readers how positive thinking enables a person to learn and achieve. Importance is given to virtues, good behavior and practice, and good deeds and gestures. Author insists that the relevance and importance of these qualities has never been diminished and is true for all generations.

The author motivates young people with worthy and informative teachings like “most of the things we miss in life are due to saying ‘no’ too soon and ‘yes’ too late, “cultivate the art of smile”, “six steps to overcome shyness,” “self help is the best help,” to name a few.

Dr Fernandez holds a PhD in Christian theology and has to his credit a monograph and a number of edited works. Besides being 8 years in the editorial board of Mission Today – an international quarterly, he is currently associate editor of Journal of Northeast Indian Cultures – an international peer reviewed journal.


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