UK Professor holds 3-day skills training for Salesian College faculty

Trophy D'Souza with Salesian College Siliguri & Sonada faculty

Trophy D’Souza imparts skills training to Salesian College Siliguri & Sonada faculty.

Siliguri, (Rochelle Ann Lepcha & Sumina Chettri) — Salesian College Sonada & Siliguri campus organised a three day faculty development programme from 29th Oct- 31st Oct,2015 with Prof. Trophy D’ Souza to enable the faculty members to sharpen their communication and teaching skills.

On the first day Prof D’ Souza highlighted the importance of creating an inclusive classroom, on effective communication and Social-Cultural Awareness.

The second day began with presentations on Code Switching, and how the trend of approaching English influenced by different languages and cultures is on the rise.

The third day witnessed the participation of all the faculty members in various group activities assigned to handle different classroom situations. The groups presented solution to the situations assigned to them with much enthusiasm, displaying not only their teaching skills but also their acting abilities.|

Time for certificates and awards

Time for certificates and awards

The Faculty Development programme was “an interactive and enriching experience,” says College Rector Fr Mathew Pulingathil.

Prof. D’ Souza’s modules were communicated through power point presentations, humorous but insightful video clips and his anecdotes.

The programme concluded with a token of appreciation presented by Principal Fr. (Prof). George Thadathil and the distribution of certificates to the participants.

“The three days together as faculty provided an occasion to have learning experiences midst laughter, sharing of views and collaborative involvement in groups, making the workshop a gain some team building exercise,” says Assistant Professor & SC Siliguri Events Coordinator Mr Sandeep Singh.

Trphy D’Souza’s vast experience as a teacher in India, Middle East, East Africa and UK has now made him a motivational speaker and author of six books which celebrate human endurance in dysfunctional situations. His protagonists, both male and female, survive or evolve through seemingly complex situations with amazing resilience and self-belief which help them find solutions through unexpected human or divine intervention in their lives.


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  1. Thanks Paul…. didn’t expect a report so soon, less than 5 hours after the event concluded…I’m impressed.

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