Students’ Union pledges to re-assert Naga identity

Photo-1Guwahati – A group of students belonging to 12 Naga tribes came together to celebrate the golden jubilee of the Naga Students’ Union of Guwahati (NSUG) at Shilpagram, Guwahati last (Saturday) week.

“We met together with a great sense of rebuilding and reclaiming our significant identity as Nagas,” said Coordinator of the event Mr Phungreiso Varu.

The NSUG’s golden jubilee theme was “NagaMorphosis – Have the Courage to Fly.”

“Our strength and relationship and most importantly, trust and commitment to the future generation of Naga [students living] in Guwahati and beyond is through the process of re-Nagaization,” said Mr Varu.

NSUG executives with Chief guestOver 1,000 Naga students, families and their friends from the neighbouring north-eastern states participated in the daylong celebration along with many distinguished dignitaries, honored guests, donors and well-wishers, members of the Naga as well as other students’ union attended in the presence of Guest of honour.

A group of Naga warriors from the Zeliangrong Students’ Union, Guwahati, and NSUG General Secretary Mr Manikho Lazio, escorted Guest of honour Member of Legislative Assembly of Arunachal Pradesh Shri Laisam Simai to the celebrations.

The Convener of the Golden Jubilee, Mr. Phungreiso Varu and NSUG President, Mr. Limasashi Ao along with many other distinguished dignitaries and elders welcomed the guest of honour.

Photo-4Mr. Laisam Simai, MLA opened the jubilee celebrations in the presence of Mr. Y. Chuba Ao, first president of NSUG 1965, and Mr. Peter Thong, Pastor, Naga Christian Fellowship, Guwahati led the assembly in prayer.

The NSUG president reminisced about the long and exciting journey of the union and called on members for greater unity and action.

After rendering the jubilee theme song entitled “Have Courage to Fly” by golden jubilee choir the convener Mr Varu explained theme of Jubilee “NagaMorphosis – Have the Courage to Fly.”

Photo-5Former NSUG executives, various Naga student’s bodies and friends and Naga elders from Arunachal, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland joined the deliberations on “time to rebuild and reclaim identity as Nagas and Christians.”

Photo-2Professor Kedelizo Kikhi, HOD, Department of Sociology, Tezpur University (Academics) and Mrs. Konyak Konya, Director, International of Beyond Borders Initiative (Spirituality) directed the discussions on two topics “Relevance of re-Nagaization in the era of neo-liberalism” and “Re-claiming Christian Identity in the era of post-modernism.”

The celebrations ended with candle lighting and lantern lift off by federal unit leaders and lowering of the Jubilee flag.

The NSUG plays a major role in helping freshers each year to start off life in Guwahati and strive for cooperation and peaceful existence with all the communities.


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