Life of a tea garden worker

Alexius Minj

Upper Cedars — Mr. Durba Tamang gets up early in the morning and goes to work in the garden a km. away. During the tea plucking season which starts in May and June Mr. Durba gets 132 rupees as daily wages. During rainy season in July and August he gets wet and plucks the tea leaves.

In the dry season, December and January he goes to prune and weeds the garden. In spite of cold season during winter he gets up early in the morning at 7:30 and sometimes he sacrifices his breakfast. In winter, tea garden work starts at 2:00 o’clock afternoon. He carries food for lunch what his mother cooks in the morning.

He gets 2 kg of rice and 4 kg Atta per week as ration. There is no good medical facility and no Hospital in Upper Cedars.

Vehicles are only for those who work in the tea garden and for one who is seriously sick. There were teachers in the school at Upper Cedars but now they left teaching in the school as they were not getting sufficient salary.

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