Students revive youth centre through competitions

GairigaonBy Sudip Mondal

Gairigaon — A group of college students plans to revive the youth centre membership and participation through competitions.

Gairigoan youth centre’s captain Bro. Sujit Kerketta states, “The youth centre has to be renewed through popular competions like Carrom competition and Football tournament to attract the participation of youth.”

He insisted saying,”We should have more support from the local people for procuring more games articles and musical instruments.”

One of the past pupils of the youth centre Mr. Pritam Khawas says, “We have benefited a lot from the youth centre . We have developed our communication skills, improved on discipline, and learned games and singing.”

Mr. Khawas adds, “I was a regular member of Garigoan youth centre. We always used to wait eagerly for Sunday as we could participate in many competitions organised in the youth centre and win prizes.”

Gairigoan and Arubotia youth centres were established by Fr. James Chacko around 1988. However, in 2000, the youth centre of Gairigoian was separated from Arubotia and was initiated by Bro. Jotish and Bro. Joseph.

The Gairigaon youth centre, one of 20 youth centres run by Salesian College students is just 90 minutes walk from the college on the way to Balasun.

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