Villager revives dying Youth Centre

By Premento Narzary, Anup Ranjan, and Rahul Tirkey

Middle Kharay Busty —  A villager’s keen interest for the development of children of his village made him appeal to Salesian College authorities to re-open Youth Centre which was closed for six years.

Mr.Nobin Chettri, 37 years of age, is a contractor by profession.

Mr.Chettri says, “The children and youth are poor in social activities. They take interest only in occupying themselves with casual labour to earn money for themselves.”

He insists, “The other aim is also in the activities of sports and music to better qualify and engage them in social works.”

He appealed to the College authorities along with a delegation of five persons from the village.

They met Fr. Rosan Kullu, sdb, Youth Coordinator who says, “I am always ready to help you reopen the centre for it is a Centre close to him in his formation and experience.”
Fr. Kullu insisted that, “Spending of time in a proper manner must be observed by the Brothers, youths and children.”

Mr.Chettri tells about the background of the village which composed of youth and children as students, elders and parents. There are seven Catholic families, some Protestants and the rest are Hindus. Others are serving as officers, Government servants and businessmen.

Mr.Ratan Kumar Rai, a senior member of Youth Centre tells, “The centre was first opened in 1986 and it was closed in 2010.”

“The closing of the Centre was due to some misunderstandings between the youngsters and Brothers.”

Mr.Nobin Chettri adds further reasons for the closure of the Youth Centre saying, “Lack of leadership and mismanagement of Funds.”

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