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Film Institute bags six media awards

Mr Bhadran and Fr Jiji Kalaavanal SDB

Mr Bhadran and Fr Jiji Kalaavanal SDB at Goodness Media Awards 2014

KOCHI – A Salesian Film Institute in Kochi bagged six media awards for their outstanding film productions in 2013.

Two Don Bosco IMAGE Kochi film productions were recognized and awarded by the Goodness Media Awards 2013 at the award ceremony held on Sunday 26 January, 2014 at Divine Centre Muringoor, Thrissur.

The jury headed by popular Malayalam movie director Mr Bhadran handed over the awards to DB Image founder-director Fr. Jiji Kalavanal sdb, for the best director (Feliz Navidad & Beyond), and the best script (Beyond) awards. The best film award went to Assi Francis (Beyond), best cinematographer award to Santhosh Anima (Feliz Navidad), best actor award to Sarvajeeth (Beyond), best actress award to Lakshimi Memon (Feliz Navidad).

Mr Bhadran chats with DB Image award winning team.

Mr Bhadran chats with DB Image award winning team.

A Salesian province of Kolkata Youth department production, 26 minute film Feliz Navidad (Happy Christmas) is a simple Christmas story with uncommon sensitivity and insight. Plans are afoot to dub the film in Bengali, Hindi, Nepali and Santhali languages of Kolkata province.

The second film Beyond (15 min) narrates the many positive changes which happen to a dying man. Through it, the director explores the various facets of the existence of “unconditional love” and warm affection in today’s life on the fast lane.

jiji directionDon Bosco IMAGE (Institute of Media, Graphic Arts and Effects) Vennala (Kochi) started on 16 August 2008, has courses in film making and graphic design.

The renowned film director, Bhadran spent time to converse with Fr Jiji’s team and encouraged them to promote and produce excellent and quality works in the future.

Fr. Jiji Kalavanal sdb expressed his gratitude and joy at the occasion by thanking the teams behind both the productions.

“The Goodness Media Awards follow a strict judging process. Win or lose, we expect everyone n the room to acknowledge that the winners were worthy of their accolade,” says Awards Event Coordinator Fr Daison Vettiyadan V.C.

Explaining the procedure Fr Daison says, “In the first round of judging, small groups of category judges will review submitted entry material and then vote in a secret ballot against each of the judging criteria, ranking the top three entries of each criteria. Votes are counted and verified by an independent adjudicator. Thus voting process will ensure absolute fairness in the selection.”

Goodness TV in association with Divine Institute of Media Science (DIMS) accords Goodness Excellence Awards ’13 and Goodness Media Awards ’13 on Sunday, 26th January 2014.

The emphasis set to the concept of GOODNESS makes the “Goodness awards” outstanding from the numerous media awards hosted in the country. The awards are a tribute to personalities who have given exceptional importance to moral values in Media and social service.

“Goodness Excellence Awards” are given to the following categories: Films, Music, News Journalism, Christian Literature, Christian Publications, Education, Health care & Agriculture sectors and are nominated by expert panel of judges.

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Kochi Film shows Christmas sensitivity

Feliz naidad2KOCHI — A film production house in Kochi has come up with a short film depicting sensitivity and insight of the Christmas season. The world premiere of the 26 minute feature film is scheduled for tomorrow (22 December) at Don Bosco IMAGE Theatre, Kochi.

The film Feliz Navidad (Happy Christmas) is a simple Christmas story with uncommon sensitivity and insight,” says award winning director of the film Fr Jiji Kalavanal who feels that “this [film] is one of my best productions thus far.”

feliz navidadFr Kalavanal adds, “I waited for four years for an ideal cast and a producer.”

A Salesian province of Kolkata Youth department production, under the patronage of the provincial Fr Thomas Ellicherail president of Social Communications Commission of Salesian Provincial Conference of South Asia, the film also marks the platinum jubilee of Don Bosco School Liluah in Howrah district.

“Plans are afoot to dub the film in Bengali, Hindi, Nepali and Santhali languages,” says Rector of Don Bosco Liluah Fr Biji Thomas.

Feliz navidad achanFr Kalavanal narrates film’s story line saying, “The word Christmas conjures up in the minds of people, especially children, the celebration of a birth, a divine birth — an annual rejuvenation. The stars, the cakes, the cribs, the gifts the exchange of greetings, the midnight mass and so on bring in so much of positive energy for them.”

Feliz Navidad script & direction: Fr Jiji Kalavanal SDB

Feliz Navidad script & direction: Fr Jiji Kalavanal SDB

In Feliz Navidad,  two children, Danny, and Dora are trying to come to terms with the fact that the upcoming Christmas will not be an occasion for any great celebration. It could be jaded like the previous year’s paper star they dig up from a box, because their mother cannot afford to buy them a new one.

Their mother works in an antiques shop and the salary she draws is hardly enough to make both ends meet. Add to that, their father had gone missing for some time.

The story begins just a few days before Christmas and unfolds through a series of well-conceived events that keeps the viewer gripped.

Feliz navidad jijiIn the happy-ending tale, the storyteller rightly does not make miracles happen. It has only those surprises one may experience in one’s life and the viewer will easily empathize with the plight of the characters.

From the moment the children decide to have suppressed celebrations to the moment they are jolted awake to have wild celebrations in their minds — the story has it all.

As happy stars twinkle in the minds of the characters, viewers heave a sigh of happy relief.

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Shepherds with ‘Smell of the Sheep’

cri bannercmpGUWAHATI, (Joseph Dennis) — A group of religious has made a short film to mark the golden jubilee of the Conference of Religious India (CRI), the national association of Catholic religious in the country.

The celebrations are scheduled to be held at two venues at Don Bosco Guwahati (Kharguli and Pan Banzar) with three-day program starting November 7. It will coincide with national meeting of the CRI where some 450 religious heads will participate.

The ‘curtain raiser’ film which lasts just 5 minutes contains rare footages from remote areas of the country hitherto unseen on screen depicting “shepherds with the smell of the sheep,” to use a metaphor of Pope Francis, showing activities of religious men and women who do not shy away from people.

“It is our homage to thousands of “Unsung Heroes” among 125,000 strong association of religious men and women of India,” says coordinator of the project Fr. C. M. Paul, head of the Mass Communication Department at Assam Don Bosco University Guwahati.

Some, 40,000 religious are directly involved in the social sector with a strong option for the poor, while some 76, 000 continue their ministry in structured sector.

The director and producer of the film Jiji Kalavanl of Don Bosco Image Kochi says, “I hope the Catholic religious of India will realize their strength as social and spiritual transformers… and feel proud of what they do.”

He adds, “I hope this video, at least in a small way, helps them become aware that they are a fraternity than isolated groups.”

National Catholic activist John Dayal writing in the FaceBook asks the rhetorical question, “Where will the Church in India be without its men and women religious,” and himself gives the answer, “We all hail them, I am sure.”

He quickly adds another comment saying, “They are not unsung… they are the life of the Church in India” to which Fr C.M. Paul comments, “Some of them are sung as heroes yes… but the vast majority 98 percent NO! They just live the humdrum routine of their ministry with great dedication and no fan fare….”

Lowe Glenford from Mumbai adds a comment in the social network, “Well done… a real tribute to these unsung heroes…”

Commenting on the inspirational quality of the film the CRI National president and host of the celebrations Salesian Fr VM Thomas says, “It [film) looks and sounds good. We can play it over and over again at the venues, till they [audience] are soaked into it… the smell of the sheep!”

Speaking on the concept of the film Fr C.M. Paul says, “We tried to keep the mystical and religious dimension of the life of these men and women in the film by depicting the ordinariness of the service the band of dedicated men and women perform day in and day out in its multifarious mundane forms with much love and service.”

He adds, “it is precisely this aspect of daily grind in spirituality that makes the biggest network of social workers in India stand apart more than any NGO, and social workers.”

To view the film please click the link:

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Life BEYOND the fast lane

BEYOND – the poster

KOCHI, (C.M. Paul) – The faculty of a premier film and media institution in Kochi has come up with a short film ready for its world premier. The production is also part of a huge Media Literacy project designed by Don Bosco IMAGE Kochi which is almost under completion.

Entitled BEYOND, the 15 minute long HD film is directed by Fr. Jiji Kalavanal sdb, the director of the four year old media institute.

Beyond narrates the many positive changes which happen to a dying man when an Army man visits his hospital bed side.

“A sequence of incidents is triggered during the jawan’s visit, which ends up as a warm emotion of love and care,” says Fr Jiji, who has directed several films and won national and international awards for his works.

Through this film, the director tries to explore the various facets of the existence of “unconditional love” and warm affection in today’s life on the fast lane.

“The storyline of the short film,” says the director, “was inspired by an anonymous forwarded email that landed up in my mail box.”

Subtle emotions by the characters, haunting musical melody, tight editing as well as accurate pacing given by the director ensures a gripping viewing.

Look out for the date and time for the world premier of Beyond!

Don Bosco IMAGE (Institute of Media, Graphic Arts and Effects) Vennala (Kochi) started on 16 August 2008, has courses in film making and graphic design. The academic year 2012-13 which started on 16 July, has more than 40 new students.

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DB Intl Film Festival Concludes in Kochi

L to R : Fr Jiji, Aravind, Archana and Lal Jose.

KOCHI, (C.M. Paul) – The second annual Don Bosco International Film Festival had a glittering finale at the state of the art media institute Don Bosco IMAGE auditorium at Kochi in Kerala, on 29th October 2011.

Of a total of 63 entries  from India and abroad, 16 movies were screened during the two day festival.

Renowned film maker and director of Malayalam Film Industry Mr Lal Jose handed over trophies to winners in the presence of Neelathamara fame debut actress Archana Kavi.

While “Silence” (Ramya Aravind) won the Best Short film award, “Cross” by Senthil Rajan, “Azeem” by Anuj Ramachandran, “Meals Ready” by Nithu Nevil Dinesh and “ Marupakkam”  by Dhayanithi  won Special Jury Awards.

In the Documentary category “Dams-the –lethal water bombs” by Sohan Roy S K won the award and  “The Unheard Song ” by Dhayanithi won the special jury award.

Special Jury Awards were also given for the Animation Film “Mr. Clean” by Justin Aruvickal and “Elixir” by Muhammed Sabith won the award for Micro Film.

Three international movies were also screened during the festival days, Incedies (French), Poerty (Korean) and Sophie Scholl (German).

“The festival was a venue for film lovers to come together to watch and assess movies of the younger generation and to see international movies in a full HD theatre, said director fo the festival and IMAGE media institiute Fr Jiji Kalavanal.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Lal Jose said “there is no substitute for hard work, imagination and observation in the making of a good movie.”

He exhorted upcoming  film makers ”not to walk the beaten path, but trace one [path] for themselves.”

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Don Bosco Relic meets 3 rites, makes 130 videos and 82 stops in Kerala

Don Bosco in God's own country Kerala

KOCHI,  (C.M. Paul) – The 21-day pilgrimage of Don Bosco Relic in Kerala (a part of Bangalore Karnataka province) seems to have created record in the number of stops made for relic veneration in any Indian province to date, as well as number of parishes and dioceses visited in any province. The relic tour which started in north Kerala on 23rd September concluded in southern tip of Kerala today (13 October) when the relics were handed over to Tiruchy province of Tamilnadu.

In all, Don Bosco relic stopped for veneration in 82 places in Kerala covering 12 districts and 22 dioceses including Latin, Syro Malabar and Syro Malankara rite dioceses mostly where there are no Salesian presence at all.

The people turned up in huge numbers far beyond the calculations of the organizers. The cooperation of local clergy and bishops was more than any one could ask for.

The local news papers, especially the district editions and television channels gave extensive news coverage of Don Bosco Relic pilgrimage.

“We made a video for every place Don Bosco Relic visited and it total up to more than 130 videos,” says director of Don Bosco Image Kochi Fr Jiji Kalavanal who dispatched two VJs along with the casket to film every stop of the relic.

Itinerary of 21 day pilgrimage

Videos made for Salesian institutions where DB Relic visited have introduction to its activities.

Though brutally edited to fit the YouTube and deadline requirements, the original video rushes are available with the provincial Economer Fr George Mathew.

“When we worked on the project we had one aim in mind,” notes Fr Jiji, “to give visibility to the different kind of works of the province and tell the viewers the activity of the house where Don Bosco visited.”

The Don Bosco Relic’s India tour which started in Imphal, Manipur, on 29 April 2011 is scheduled to end on 18 November 2011 when the casket will leave for Sri Lanka.

The DB Relic videos may be viewed  in the following link:







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Manipur CM Releases “The HAND” Film, start of DB Relics India Tour

Manipur CM with Rishang Kieshing, MP Rajya Sabha & Dr. James Poonthuruthil, Provincial.

IMPHAL, (C.M. Paul): The Chief Minister of Manipur Shri  Okram Ibobi Singh released a film entitled “The Hand”, 1st May at Don Bosco School Imphal, capital city of Manipur in northeast India borderingMyanmar. The film on St John Bosco, a friend of youth, popularly known as Don Bosco depicts the transformation his followers called Salesians wrought inIndia’s North East in the last 90 years.
In a grand ceremony marking the arrival of Don Bosco relics in the city, Shri Singh handed over the first copies of the 25-minute documentary to Shri Rishang Kieshing, local Member of Parliament Rajya Sabha (Upper House,New Delhi).
“The people of Manipur are grateful and proud of what the sons and daughters of Don Bosco have achieved with our people in these past years,” commented Shri Singh handing a copy to provincial superior of the Salesians of Dimapur province Dr. James Poonthuruthil.
“It is significant that the film is released in the capital of Manipur where four young Salesian missionaries where martyred in recent years at Maram (1997) and Ngarian (2001). In fact, the shoot of the “The Hand” film commenced from Ngarian where three of them where shot down. It is also one of the high points of the film and is a pointer to the total commitment of the Salesians to the region,” said Fr. Poonthuruthil.
With its subtitle, “Fashioning a people and a region…” the film traces the arrival of the first Salesians in Shillong (Meghalaya) in 1922 and the many ways in which they endeared themselves to the people of the region and worked with them for development.

The Don Bosco HAND film DVD cover

“Shooting in all seven states of the region we tried to capture the intense relationship of affection that Northeasterners have for Don Bosco and the Salesians, as well as the Salesians have for North East and its people,” said award winning film maker of the region, Joseph Pulinthanath of Agartala (Tripura) who gave script and direction for the project.
General Secretary of Don Bosco Alumni Association Dimapur Dr. Stephen Kamson, endorsed the film saying, “this movie has the aroma of the special relationship that North East has with the Salesians.”
It is jointly produced by two northeast Indian Salesian provinces of Dimapur and Guwahati and three other Salesian institutions – Guwahati-based Don Bosco Institute of Management, Bosco Reach-Out, and Sampari Pictures of Agartala.
The ‘Hand’ production team included technical experts from Don Bosco IMAGE,Kochi(Kerala).  Jiji Kalavanal sdb of IMAGE, himself a filmmaker of note, does the camera for ‘the Hand’ while Abhijit Bose of Kolkata (West Bengal) composed the background music score.
Postproduction of the ‘Hand’ was done at Don Bosco IMAGE Kochi.
Soon after the release ceremony, film buffs were seen making a beeline for stalls that sold DVDs of the ‘The Hand’.
“A tribute both to the Salesians and to the people of North East, the film is well accepted by all,” says Dimapur Salesian Mission Office Director Fr Elow Samuel.
“The demand for DVD copies is so much that we need to think of getting additional copies done quickly,” he added.
According to the producers, the film would accompany the relic in its tour of North East and be available at all venues.
“There is great enthusiasm among the people for the film. We did not expect such overwhelming response,” says Cyriac Pulinthanathumalayil sdb of Itanagar (Arunachal Pradesh) responsible for concept and production design of the film.
“I have a feeling that all 1,000 copies of DVD will be sold out in Dimapur province and we need to make additional copies for Guwahati province,” he added.
The DVD is available at an affordable price of INR 100  (about USD 2.oo or Euro 1.70) at all DB relics Tour venues of northeast India.
The arrival of the relic in Imphal also marks the beginning of the India leg of the relic’s worldwide tour.

LINKS to newspaper coverage of The Hand film release in Imphal, 1st May.



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