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Update on Kandhamal Christian With 11 Bullets


Junos Nayak with Xray. (pix The Hindu)

THRISSUR, Kerala – Journalist Anto Akkara from Bangalore gives an update of Junos Nayak, a Kandhamal survivor brought to Akkara’s home town Thrissur for surgery.
I drove home from Bangalore on the 4th to receive Junos who arrived here next day by train along with his nephew. Straight away he was rushed to the Jubilee Mission Medical College and several tests were carried out in the same evening.
I have been silent because I have been on my toes since then. The dangerous pellets in his leg were removed on Monday (8 Nov) but his hand is untouchable due to the precarious condition. It’s a miracle that the hand is still functioning though any doctor who sees it would say it has to be amputated.
Though the doctors at the Medical College are willing carry out a surgery to remove the imbedded pellets (see the black spots in the attached Xray), it may not do much good except being excellent specimen for medical research by removing the cluster of pellets embedded in shattered bone, remove the clumsily implanted steel. But, even after that there cannot be much change as the muscles have contracted in two years. Yet he can use the right hand to eat with spoon but not with fingers.
So, I said ‘Let us not meddle in God’s miracle’ and leave Junos susceptible to infection when he goes back to Kandhamal.

Juonos Nayak's hand xRay

It is a miracle that he has no infection in the hand with shattered bones. See the attached X-ray.
Yesterday, (11 Nov) we had a crowded press conference along with Junos and the doctor. Junos’ incredible ordeal and witness, and my effort to bring him here is making media headlines here. Today (12 Nov) Junos undergoes laser surgery for cataract. For me, yesterday was very fulfilling day, as I brought home couple of pellets embedded in his body!
Though one week has passed since I admitted Junos at the hospital and taking care of him suspending all media work, I cannot explain the joy of giving. And for Junos, he says he is in ‘heaven’ thanks to me – with the royal attention and loving care he gets in the VIP room of the Catholic Hospital. For earlier dispatch on Junos story pls chk this link


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