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Mother Teresa Film Festival Plans Special Screenings for Disabled

Nandan Film Centre, Kolkata

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – Setting new trend in international film festivals, director of MTIFF 2010 (Mother Teresa International Film Festival) Kolkata announced a festival hall at the main festival venue totally dedicated for screening of films for the physically challenged.
“What we are providing in MTIFF Kolkata is something that has never been done in any international film festivals. We have a hall with ramp access and wheel chair accommodation exclusively for the specially abled,” says MTIFF director Mr. Sunil Lucas who has been associated with all three MTIFFs (2003 & 2007).
The festival is being hosted at the West Bengal State Film Centre at Nandan (1/1 A.J. C. Bose Road) which has four projection halls. Besides granting Nandan cine halls, 1, 2 and 3 for the four day festival, absolutely free, Nandan director has also put at the disposal of MTIFF organizers a fourth hall exclusively for the physically challenged. Nandan 4 can accommodate wheelchairs, as it has no fixed seating.
“Besides the handicapped persons from Missionaries of Charity homes, our target audience for this special screening would be inmates from Kolkata’s leading centres for the physically challenged like Manovikas Kendra, Asha Niketan, Mentaid, Indian Institute of Cerebral Palsy and Spastic Society,” says Mr. Lucas.
Films selected for the screening includes the only Mother Teresa animation film entitled Fifth Word from Spain . Other short films listed for screening are My Karma, Seeing the Face of Jesus, Precious Love, Revelation in Kolkata and Missionaries of Charity.
Previews of some previously unannounced films may also be show during the special screenings, with limited public entry.
All through the festival days (26-29 August) Nandan cine complex will be illuminated in Mother Teresa’s colours (white and blue).

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Kolkata City, MC Sisters and MTIFF Chosen for International Peace Award

MADRID, (C.M. Paul) – The city of Kolkata, the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and the Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) have been chosen for International Peace Awards, 2010.
“I have the pleasure to inform you that the International Committee of 100 CITIES FOR PEACE, chaired by Her Majesty Princess Nora of Liechtenstein and the Foundation Messengers of Peace (Award Prince of Asturias of Concordia and advisory member of the UN), have declared Calcutta (India), as an INTERNATIONAL CITY FOR PEACE, acknowledging its collective efforts to promote peace and harmony,” wrote its International Director Mr. Pablo Marcet Bonel last week.Marcet further wrote, “in this candidature, the celebration of the centenary of the birth of Mother Teresa of Calcutta has been valued, and especially the fact that this city has witnessed the coexistence between civilizations, cultures and religions, of extraordinary intercultural wealth.”
“The reasons for the prize 100 Cities for Peace to Calcutta is the contribution of Mother Teresa in the world, example of her work with the poor in this city. We want to use her birth centenary to make this social action of the Church in Calcutta relevant. At the same time we wish to award to Mother Teresa Sisters for their work in the city and to SIGNIS INDIA for its work in favor of peace and communal harmony through media and the film festival, says the 100 cities for peace media coordinator Irene Marcet from Barcelona, Spain.The International Award “PAX URBIS” will be conferred on the city of Calcutta on the concluding day of the four day MTIFF 2010 on 29 August.
The MTIFF director and Signis-Bengal president Mr. Sunil Lucas will meet Kolkata Mayor to brief him on the award and its implications, 11 August.

100 cities for Peace” is a social and civic movement without political side or economic interest which unifies local associations which would like to head a movement for obtaining the main objectives of the UN for the Millennium on the 5 continentsThe movement proposes to work together with a very special attention on issues like respect between cultures, removal of violence, promotion of the dignity of life, eradication of abject poverty, and to boost the full development of the human being, focusing on the education.
Main objectives of this international movement are to harness and support the experience and initiatives of public and private organizations focused on facing the social challenges in the millennium. They would also like to mobilize public opinion on a network of cities that hold social development as top priority. We want to be the spokesperson of theMost successful cities in this regard are show cased as an example of good practices for real projects on places with conflicts and human needs.

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Mother Teresa International Film Festival: Get MTIFF 2010 in Your City

Geraldine Chaplain starring as Mother Teresa in the famous Dominique Lapierre film.

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – A Catholic communications body in India is offering a travelling Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) to mark the birth centenary of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (1910-2010). Beginning with a four day festival (third edition of MTIFF) 26-29 August hosted at three NANDAN halls of West Bengal government cinema houses in Kolkata, the organizers are offering a package of ten international films on Mother Teresa to its member organizations spread out all over India. Kolkata festival has 15 films.
The travelling festival package includes rare documentary films of Petrie Sisters of New York with commentary by Sir Richard Attenborough as wells as two full-length feature films starring Geraldine Chaplain and Olivia Hussey as Mother Teresa. The MTIFF films come from Japan, USA, Italy, Spain, Canada, Lebanon and India.
“To mark this historic occasion, the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and the Archdiocese of Calcutta, together with SIGNIS Bengal are hosting the 3rd MTIFF. The sole purpose of this film festival is to pay homage and spread awareness about Mother Teresa, her work and her mission, and to advocate her message of love, compassion and peace through the medium of cinema. MTIFF 2010 is absolutely non-commercial in nature with free entry pass/cards and depends entirely on generous benefactors for unavoidable expenses like taxes, venue, screenings, publicity, printing and stationary,” says the festival director and Signis-Bengal president Mr Sunil Lucas.
Expressing the intention of MTIFF Kolkata organizers the archdiocesan spokesperson Mr Lucas adds, “Efforts to celebrate Mother Teresa of Calcutta will not remain confined to Kolkata City, but very much like Mother’s work, will spread to the rest of India and the world. After the closing ceremony in Kolkata on 29th August 2010, MTIFF 2010 will travel from state to state, traversing the length and breadth of India, coordinated by SIGNIS India.”
The MTIFF 2010 Package
1. Ten (10) high quality DVD’s of MT films/documentaries.
2. Ten (10) synopsis – A5 size with pix.
3. Ten (10) copyright letters from producer/owner or one letter that covers all.
4. One contract letter between SIGNIS Bengal and participating city / country.
5. Soft copies of all MITFF 2010 promotional materials.
Deadline to sign up: July 30, 2010.
Contact details of SIGNIS Bengal
Name: Mr. Sunil Lucas (President SIGNIS Bengal & Festival Director MTIFF 2010)
Mailing Address: MTIFF 2010 c/o Chitrabani, 76 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata 700016, India.
Email Address: /
Office Tel: (+91 33) 2265 3108
Office Fax: (+91 33) 2226 2423
Cell: (+91) 9830023564 (Sunil Lucas)


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