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Kandhamal Unresolved – Docufilm


KANDHAMAL, Odisha — It’s been five years since the communal violence unleashed on Christians in Kandhamal, Odisha (Orissa). Until now, peace and justice have been denied to the victims. Very few were arrested and even they have been released on bail and some of them been acquitted for lack of evidence.

The victims of communal violence are continued to be denied of peace/justice and a dignified living. “Kandhamal Unresolved” looks into the present situation of Kandhamal, especially the struggles of victims, denial of peace and justice, intimidation and hate campaign by Sangh Parivar and relationship between the Hindu Identity and the Dalit/Adivasi Identity. The film is now at Youtube.
You may click to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPu0r01wDlA

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December 13, 2013 · 1:48 am

Faith stories from Kandhamal released

cardinal releases book with arbp thazhathKOCHI, ( Adv. Jose Vithayathil) — Major archbishop Cardinal George Alencherry released  the Malayalam translation of the English book ‘Early Christians of 21st century – stories of incredible Christian witness from Kandhamal jungles’ in Orissa at the Kerala Catholic Council assembly in Kochi on December 11.

The 75,000 word book, authored by journalist Anto Akkara and is being translated into French, is a collection over of 100 stories amazing witness to the Christian faith amid brutal persecution of poor but valiant Christians and has been translated by Fr Dr. Devassy Panthallookaran, former principal of St Thomas College, Thrissur.

Cardinal Alencherry released the book in the presence over 100 top Kerala church leaders including three dozen bishops by handing over the first copy to archbishop Andrews Thazhath, president of Kerala Catholic Bishops Council (KCBC).

malayalam book cover“I congratulate Anto (Akkara) for bringing to the attention of the world the sufferings and unwavering faith of the persecuted Christians of Kandhamal, going beyond his role as a journalist,” said Cardinal Alencherry while releasing the book. In his additional foreword to  the book (apart from the one from Cardinal Oswald Gracias, president of Catholic Bishops Conference of India),  Major archbishop Cardinal Alencherry, head of the Syro Malabar  church  has described the book as ‘a testimonial for martyrs’.

“This is an inspiring book in the year of Faith,” remarked archbishop Thazhath, head of the Kerala church, during the release at the headquayPastotrheld .

Orthodox bishop Gabriel mar Gregorios, president of Kerala Council of Churches (that comprises of all major non-Catholic churches in the Christian heartland of Kerala), in his tribute to the book has described it as ‘a book that every Christian must read’.

Akkara in his response said that though he visited Kandhamal initially as a journalist to report from the ground zero, it was the incredible faith of the valiant Christians who remained firm in their faith despite untold suffering that forced him to make arduous trips to Kandhamal repeatedly for five years since Christmas 2007.

“I have tried to document truthfully their incredible faith, pains and sufferings in words and pictures,” said the photo journalist author who added that more than 100 Christians died for their faith in Kandhamal while 300 churches and 6,000 Christian houses were looted, torched or destroyed rendering more than 56,000  people homeless.

The Malayalam translation of the book is published by Veritas India Books, a new publishing firm based in Thrissur.

Adv. Jose Vithayathtil
Secretary, Laity Commission, KCBC
Contact: 9447027145

(Akkara had earlier authored two books, ‘Kandhamal – a blot on Indian Secularism’ – investigative book that stirred national conscience on Kandhamal in April 2009, and later ‘Shining Faith in Kandhamal’)

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Christians Continue to be targeted in Kandhamal

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KANDHAMAL, (Br. K.J. Markose) – It happened on 10th August 2011, at about 6 am, at village Banjamaha (about 7 kilometres from Raikia). Being the season of cultivation most people of the village were away in fields…
Mr Abedana Pradhan S/o Dussasana Pradhan, armed with a khanta (sword) came to the house of Mithu Digal. He shouted at Rebika digal, W/o Mithu digal.
“Where is your husband? I will cut (kill) him.”
Rebika got frightened and kept quiet.
After looking around furiously and finding that Mithu was not around Abedan left the place.

About an hour later, Abedana came back to the house of Mithu in rage holding the sword and shouting that he would kill Mithu and break down the house of Mithu.

He trespassed into the house of Mithu and ransacked and broke down all articles in the house. After this he went away.

In the evening at about 4 pm when Mithu returned home from work in the forest.

Both Mithu and his wife Rebika met the ward member (Mr Sanatana Bindhani) and apprised him of the incident of the morning.  The ward member called the accused and asked him to sit for a village panchayat (meeting of elders) to discuss the matter and settle the dispute. But he refused.

So on the next day Rebika filed complaint at Raikia police station. The police station officer has not made the complaint into FIR.

Abedana is a Hindu and Mithu is Christian by faith.
According to pastor Sunil Parichha (9438257499) Banjamaha is the village where pastor Saula Pradhan was killed by two Hindu friends on 10th January 2011. Police did not register a case of murder against the killers and did not arrest accused persons.

This situation is very alarming especially when the third anniversary of Kandhamal anti-Christian progrom si approaching.

It is alleged that the strident Hindu fanatics in Kandhamal district are getting indirect support to continue intimidate and harm Christians with no consequence.

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