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Road expansion affects LFS, Imphal

Demolished wall of Little Flower School Imphal

Demolished wall of Little Flower School Imphal

Imphal, (Philomena Ashiphro) – The Road widening programme of the State of Manipur is a matter of serious concern to the staff and students of Little Flower School, Imphal. The implementation of the proposed plan has seen the dismantling of the school walls on June 5, to give way for an eight-lane road to the Airport.

Speaking about the eviction incident, Superior of the School Community Sr. Nisa Bernardine, said, “Little Flower School, Imphal, is greatly affected by the eviction drive, since June 5, 7 a.m. The School is now standing without the protection of a wall, leaving the School to the mercy of thieves and bandits and also exposing the students in danger of any mishap at any time”.

As the work of the eviction is in progress, the school vans transporting the students and staff to the School are not able to arrive and leave the School Campus on time, causing great inconvenience to the smooth running of the School.

Manipur Government has proposed to widen the road from its present four lanes to eight lanes on the Tiddim Road also called the VVIP (Very very Important Person) Road or Airport Road from Keishampat to Malom, disregarding the damage its project would cost to thousands of people and property.

Demolition squad outside LFS, Imphal

Demolition squad line-up outside LFS, Imphal

The drainage system along the said road has been destroyed for the past few weeks leading to water logging and many areas are submerged under water. The stagnant drain water is causing filth and stench and could be health hazard to the students.

Observing the harsh situation of Little Flower School, Imphal, Sr. Teresa Karotukunel, Director of Sneha Bhavan, a De-addiction and Rehabilitation center for Women, said, “With the age-old green trees felled and the front part of the school walls demolished, the 57 year old school wears a ruined look.”


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