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Signis joins Bengal Christian Unity Rally in Kolkata

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – It was the first time that a Catholic communications body heeded the call of Bengal Christian Council and joined the Christian Unity Prayer Rally displaying their banners. The public meeting held at the Rani Rshmoni Avenue close to Kolkata city’s main traffic hub, the Esplanade, had inter-denominational Christian delegations coming from all the districts of Bengal. Signis Bengal members belonging to the Catholic association for Radio, Television, Cinema and Performing Arts participated.

Hundreds of Christian delegates for the Peace and Prayer Rally came in procession from Kolkata’s two railway stations, Howrah and Sealdah, carrying placards and banners, reciting prayers and singing hymns.

On the dais were Church of North India Bishop Ashok Biswas flanked by the Vicar General of Calcutta the Catholic archdiocese Fr Dominic Gomes, Bishop Salvador Lobo of Baruipur and Bishop Joseph Gomes of Krishnagar. There were also leaders and pastors of several other Churches and as well as lay leaders representing their organizations.

Outstation delegates availed of rail passes costing just Rupees 2.00 for their round trip.

Organized under the banner of Bongiyo Christiyo Pariseba (BCP) the afternoon meeting had several thousands of participants.

BCP General Secretary Mr

BCP General Secretary Mr Herod Mullick addressing the rally.

The BCP General Secretary Mr Herod Mullick addressed the gathering and highlighted the issues plaguing the minority Christian community in the state. He also informed the participants at the rally that a memorandum would be presented to the Chief Minister Mamata Baanerjee for her considered and speedy action.

Some highlights of the petition includes the demand for speedy grating of ST and OBC certificates, need to make available more seats for Christians of OBC category in the colleges,  demand for district administration to include poor Adivasi people in the Below Poverty Line category to avail of government facilities, to regularize scholarship distribution for students, to be sensitive to Christian religious sentiments by not fixing Board Exams on major Christian Holydays such as Christmas and Good Friday.

The petition also requests a subsidy of Rs. 30,000 (USD 600) per person toward the Holy Land pilgrimage.

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Signis Bengal to meet National Secy at Rangers Club

Fr Norbert Herman SVD

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – In a letter sent out to Signis Bengal by its Secretary Mr Dilip Rozario, the Signis India president Mr Sunil Lucas has invited all Signis Bengal members “to Meet & Greet the SIGNIS India Secretary,” Divine Word missionary Fr Norbert Herman from Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Member of the National Signis India Executive, Fr Herman is visiting Kolkata en route to Bangkok to attend the FABC OSC (Federation of Asian Bishops Conference Office of Social Communications) meeting.

The two hour long Kolkata meet is being hosted at the Calcutta Rangers Club (Maidan Tent – opp Mohammedan Sporting Club on Red Road) on Sunday 2nd September 2012 from 4 pm to 6 pm.

The Calcutta Rangers Club is one of two Anglo Indian Clubs in the city. It has a green lawn, well-maintained tent with bar, a floodlit basketball court, air conditioned conference room and a canteen for its 300-odd members. The other exclusively Anglo-Indian Club is called The Grail Club.

SIGNIS (World Catholic Association for Communications) is a non-governmental organization that includes members from over 140 countries.

The India chapter of Signis established in 1972 under the name Unda/OCIC (Catholic Association for Radio, TV & Cinema) has some 250 Catholic media professionals spread out in 12 regional groups (Bengal being one) based on the 12 ecclesiastical regions of India.

Signis Bengal has some 20 members.

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Mother Teresa film festival Patna takes off in 11 venues

L to R: Fr Devasia (PatnaV.G.), Fr C.M. Paul, Hon. Speaker Sri Choudhary & PWC Principal Sr Doris.

PATNA, (C.M. Paul) – The first ever Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) 2011 is being held (2nd to 5th September) in Bihar state capital Patna in eleven venues including a cinema hall.

The Speaker of Bihar Assembly Sri Udai Narain Choudhary was chief guest at the festival held at Patna Women’s College where Sr Nirmala Joshi MC, the successor of Mother Teresa did her studies.

The festival also featured the first ever documentary on Mother Teresa in Hindi. The 20 minute film MANAVTA KI MURTI (embodiment of humanness) produced by Ravi Bharati regional Jesuit Communications centre dealt with the Mother Teresa connection with Patna. In 1948 Mother Teresa who left Loreto Sisters in Kolkata spent 3 months medical training at the Medical Mission Sisters hospital then at Padri Haveli.

The four day festival will conclude on 5th September, Mother Teresa’s 14th death anniversary.

L to R: Sr Tessy, Frank Krishner and Mr. Sunil Lucas at Notre Dame Academy

Expressing his delight at seeing the documentary, Mr Choudhary recommended that the “organizers take the film to the villages and institutions all overBiharto inspire the Generation Next with the life and values of Mother Teresa.”

Mr. Choudhary remained to watch the 3 hour long epic Italian film entitled MADRE TERESA starring Golden Globe Award winner Olivia Hussey as Mother Teresa.

“Madre Teresa” is set in theIndiaof late 1940s. British rule has just come to an end but peace shuns the country. Riots rip the nation. The confrontations between Hindus and Muslims take on a humongous proportion, particularly inCalcutta.  Wrecked by poverty and the riots,Calcuttabuckles under despair. But in the midst of all this misery one nun stands steadfast, following her calling to help love and bring hope to the poorest of the poor.

The movie, directed by Fabrizio Costa, chalks out the trials and tribulations that Mother Teresa faced and how she overcame them armed with just her stubborn faith. Mother Teresa realized that it was not enough to simply feed the hungry and tend to the sick. There was another unaddressed hunger and need among people – the need for love.

“It’s a film festival thatPatnahas not seen before, twelve films on Mother Teresa from seven different countries are being screened at 11 private and public venues acrossPatnain a four day celebration that started on Friday,” said MTIFF 2011 director Frank Krishner.

“Make me a channel of Peace” sung by Litera Valley School Patna

The venues among others include Rose Bud School, Notre Dame Academy, St Xavier’s School,College of Arts and Crafts, Nav Jyoti Niketan, Patna Women’s College, Kurji Holy Family Hospital and Regent Cinema.

Holy Family Hospital screening also made history as it was the first time a film festival is hosted in a hospital campus.

Signis India president Mr Sunil Lucas and former SIGNIS India president and first director of MTIFF Fr. C. M. Paul SDB visited several festival venues.

The festival is the initiative of AASRA Charitable Trust and SIGNIS Bengal. MTIFF was held during the year-long celebrations marking Mother Teresa’s birth centenary in some 20 countries of Asia and 50 cities across India.

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Patna Celebrates Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa Film Festival in Patna, 2-4 Aug 2011

PATNA, (Shanti Ghimire) – It’s by far the most unique of film festivals to be celebrated in the capital of Bihar – eight different venues screening films on the life and times of Nobel laureate and ‘Saint of the Gutters’ Blessed Mother Teresa. These venues range from Government Colleges to private schools.

There’s more to MTIFF 2011 – the Mother Teresa International Film Festival  – in Patna. It’s the basis of a city-wide effort to capture the significance and spirituality, as well as the legacy of Mother Teresa, who had picked up her nursing skills at theHolyFamilyHospitalin 1948.

Archbishop William DeSouza of Patna will officiate at a special Mass on September 4, a part of the festival at the Queen of Apostles Cathedral in Kurji. The special Mass, being organized by the Kurji Parish Youth and AICUF members, feature a special 5 minute film on Mother Teresa andPatnamade by Ravi Bharati, the Regional Catholic audio-visual centre, according to Namrata Fleming MTIFF 2011 steering committee member.

The members of the Anglo-Indian Association have planned a special evening Mass in honour of Blessed Mother Teresa at the Sacred Heart Church on the evening of September 3, followed by the screening of the documentary “Making of a Saint” at the Ursuline Convent next door.

Special programmes have been organized for children with disabilities, those living with HIV, and those being looked after in the Missionaries of Charity home in the city. “A day of joy” consisting of a visit to the festival, to the zoo and a lunch at Don Bosco Academy, a private [non-missionary] institution will take place on September 4, for all the inmates of the home.

The 4 day festival is an initiative by AASRA Charitable Trust and SIGNIS Bengal and is expected to reach out to some 10,000 people, most within the age group of 12 to 26. Twelve films on Mother Teresa will be screened at the festival. There is no entry charge. The cost of the festival is being met through sponsorships and donations.

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Mother Teresa International Film Festival: Get MTIFF 2010 in Your City

Geraldine Chaplain starring as Mother Teresa in the famous Dominique Lapierre film.

KOLKATA, (C.M. Paul) – A Catholic communications body in India is offering a travelling Mother Teresa International Film Festival (MTIFF) to mark the birth centenary of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (1910-2010). Beginning with a four day festival (third edition of MTIFF) 26-29 August hosted at three NANDAN halls of West Bengal government cinema houses in Kolkata, the organizers are offering a package of ten international films on Mother Teresa to its member organizations spread out all over India. Kolkata festival has 15 films.
The travelling festival package includes rare documentary films of Petrie Sisters of New York with commentary by Sir Richard Attenborough as wells as two full-length feature films starring Geraldine Chaplain and Olivia Hussey as Mother Teresa. The MTIFF films come from Japan, USA, Italy, Spain, Canada, Lebanon and India.
“To mark this historic occasion, the Missionaries of Charity Sisters and the Archdiocese of Calcutta, together with SIGNIS Bengal are hosting the 3rd MTIFF. The sole purpose of this film festival is to pay homage and spread awareness about Mother Teresa, her work and her mission, and to advocate her message of love, compassion and peace through the medium of cinema. MTIFF 2010 is absolutely non-commercial in nature with free entry pass/cards and depends entirely on generous benefactors for unavoidable expenses like taxes, venue, screenings, publicity, printing and stationary,” says the festival director and Signis-Bengal president Mr Sunil Lucas.
Expressing the intention of MTIFF Kolkata organizers the archdiocesan spokesperson Mr Lucas adds, “Efforts to celebrate Mother Teresa of Calcutta will not remain confined to Kolkata City, but very much like Mother’s work, will spread to the rest of India and the world. After the closing ceremony in Kolkata on 29th August 2010, MTIFF 2010 will travel from state to state, traversing the length and breadth of India, coordinated by SIGNIS India.”
The MTIFF 2010 Package
1. Ten (10) high quality DVD’s of MT films/documentaries.
2. Ten (10) synopsis – A5 size with pix.
3. Ten (10) copyright letters from producer/owner or one letter that covers all.
4. One contract letter between SIGNIS Bengal and participating city / country.
5. Soft copies of all MITFF 2010 promotional materials.
Deadline to sign up: July 30, 2010.
Contact details of SIGNIS Bengal
Name: Mr. Sunil Lucas (President SIGNIS Bengal & Festival Director MTIFF 2010)
Mailing Address: MTIFF 2010 c/o Chitrabani, 76 Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road, Kolkata 700016, India.
Email Address: director@mtiff2010.org / sunillucas@gmail.com
Office Tel: (+91 33) 2265 3108
Office Fax: (+91 33) 2226 2423
Cell: (+91) 9830023564 (Sunil Lucas)
Website:  http://www.mtiff2010.org


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