Thai nuns visit varsity for higher studies

Superior General of Thai Congregation meets with Vice Chancellor Assam Don Bosco University, 19 February 2015.

Superior General of Thai Congregation meets with Vice Chancellor Assam Don Bosco University, 19 February 2015.

Guwahati — The newly elected Superior General of the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary (SIHM) Sr Maliwan Paramathawirote and the congregation’s former Superior General came along with two students including Sr. Uthomporn to study Communicative English prior to joining MA in Convergent Media & Technologies at Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU).

Fr Joy SVD, and HoD Mass Communication accompanied the delegation from Thailand to meet with ADBU VC Dr Stephen Mavely, 19 February 2015.

“We are very happy to have this opportunity to learn English speaking skills for our students,” said the new Mother General Sr Maliwan expressing happiness on her visit and higher education possibilities for her Sisters at ADBU.

The Thai delegation meets with Communicative English coaches.

The Thai delegation meets with Communicative English coaches.

Sr Maliwan hopes Sr Uthomporn who accompanied her to India, will make best use of coming three months to pick up sufficient language skills to pursue her two year MA degree in Convergent Media and Technologies.

The two students from Thaland will start 3-month Spoken English class from 23rd February till May end, under the mentor-ship of Assistant Professors Joseph & Nabamita.

Two Thai students who will start Communicative English classes at ADBU.

Two Thai students who will start Communicative English classes at ADBU from Monday 23rd February 2015..

The new academic year is scheduled to start at the end of July 2015 in the new and permanent Assam Don Bosco University campus at Tapesia.

Founded in Bangkok Thailand by Salesian Bishop Gaetano Pasotti in 1937, the Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary members devote oneself to the needs of the Church. The Identity of the Congregation is simplicity of life, spirit of sacrifice, family spirit and being joyful in giving service to God and to others.

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ADBU Holds Seminar on Health Care of Women and Children

Dr Gayatri

Dr Gayatri  Bezboruah

Guwahati,(Jacob Malkias): The Social Work Dept. of Assam Don Bosco University, had a one day seminar on “Child Health in India and Strategies for Improvement,”13th February 2015. Dr.GayatriBezboruah, the professor of Paediatrics, Medical College, Guwahati, was the resource person for the seminar. There were nearly 100 students participated for the seminar along with the faculty members of the Dept. Director of the School of Social Sciences ADBU, Dr.Riju Sharma welcomed the resource person and Asst. Professor Mr. Jacob thanked her with the traditional honours of gamosa.

In the seminar, Dr. Gayatri, highlighted the importance of girl’s education and child’s health care. She pointed out the birth and death ratio of children before attaining the age of five. “It was curious to know that there are 60 million malnourished children are there in India,” says Mamribha Laloo, a student of MSW.

Dr Gayatri with MSW students

Dr Gayatri with MSW students

Dr. Gayatri also highlighted the sex ratio of India particularly of Assam as 954 girls for 1000 boys. Dr. also pointed out that anaemia is one of the main factor for child death, and mothers have to take care of the problem from the beginning of the birth of the children by only breast feeding from the 1st hour of the birth till 6 months without even water. Dr. Gayatri also compared the maternal mortality and infant mortality across the country, with special reference to NE India.

“Child abuse in NE is very high and worst compared to the whole country. HIV/AIDS is a fast spreading disease in NE. Testing HIV is very important both for mother and the child,” Says Dr.Gayatri.

It was very knowledgeable and informative for the MSW students, especially the girls of the Dept, because it is they who are going to be the future mothers of NE,”says the HOD of MSW, Dr. Riju Sharma.

“The seminar was enriching with the interactive and friendly talk of the resource person and the students,” says Asst. Prof. Vicor, MSW.

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SmartFilm 2015.jpgWhat is SmartFilm Competition?
The SmartFilm competition is a cell phone movie-making contest organised by the Department of Mass Communication, Assam Don Bosco University. It is currently open for all the students of the university who have a zest for storytelling or expressing their ideas through the use of an affordable and easily accessible medium of a cellphone and a free open source video editing software.

Theme for 2015: “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” (Food, Cloth and Shelter)
Last Date of Registration: 20th February, 2015
Last Date of Submission (DVDs): 16th March, 2015, 04:00PM

About the theme for this year:

The films based on the theme Roti Kapda Aur Makaan (Food, Cloth and Shelter) should focus on the means by which people from different walks of life try to cater to the basic necessities of life. The films can depict livelihood issues in socialist India either through a fictional style of storytelling or through a documentary approach.

1. Rules & Regulations:
i) The SmartFilm competition is open to all the students of Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU).
ii) All participant(s) will have to register themselves for free by filling up all the details in the Registration Form. Last date of registration is 20/02/2015.
iii) All teams shall consist of a maximum of 4 (four) members.
iv) The film shall be completely shot through the use of any cellphone. There is no limit as to the number of cellphone cameras to be used in the duration of the film.
v) The film shall be completely edited with an Free and Open Source Video Editing Software.
vi) The film shall be a maximum of 5 (five) minutes including all text/titles/credits/logos.
vii) Music/Photos/video clips used by the filmmaker(s) must be original or copyright free. In case of copyrighted material the filmmaker(s) must obtain a written consent from the original artist/owner/producer of the material.
viii) SmartFilm Competition reserves the right to create, revoke, and modify at any time, in any way its entry requirements, rules and regulations at its absolute discretion without prior notice. All participants are deemed to have accepted the rules of the competition, and agree to abide thereby.
ix) ADBU/SmartFilm/Dept. Of Mass Communication will not be liable for any loss, damage to property, or harm that may befall the participants during the production of the video.
x) All video entries shall remain with, and become the property of SmartFilm Competition.
xi) Submissions for SmartFilm Competition will be in finished video format.

2. Submission Details:
i) The completed film can be in any of these formats – ‘.avi’, ‘.mp4′
iii) The completed film must be submitted in a DVD on or by 16/03/2015 (04:00PM) at the Reception Desk of Assam Don Bosco University.
iv) The DVD cover and the DVD should be clearly labelled at the top as “Submission for SmartFilm Competition” along with the Film Title, Production Name/Team Name and Group Members Name.
v) The DVD should contain the following:
A) The completed film in any of the aforementioned format.
B) A copy of the project file to validate the use of free and open source software.
C) At least five low file size “behind the scenes” photographs of the participant(s) filming the video with cellphone(s).

3. Awards and Recognition:
i) A pre-screening will be done by a panelist (comprising faculty members of ADBU) to shortlist the finalists. Selected finalists will be informed by e-mail/phone provided in the registration form.
ii) A total of 3 winners will be selected among the finalists
iii) Criteria for Selection of finalists and winners
A) 50% for adherence to the theme, content, story and screenplay
B) 50% for cinematography, design, sound, and editing.
iv) All the winning films will be uploaded and promoted through social media.

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Campus SPLASH February 2015

CAMPUS SPLASH is an e-Tabloid published four times each semester by students of Mass Communication department, Assam Don Bosco University, Guwahati. Campus Splash Feb 2015

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Students Grab Awards, Laurels at Water Conference 2015

Models that won both first and second prizes at Water Conference 2015.

Assam Don Bosco University Models that won both 1st & 2nd prizes at Water Conference.

GUWAHATI — The three student teams that participated at the Water Conference held at Guwahati 5-8 February 2015 under the guidance of Asst Professor, Deptt of Civil Engg Mrs Pori Das won both first and second prizes. They also received praise from Central Minister for Water Resources and Assam Chief Minister.

In the inaugural session of the conference held at Assam Water Research and Management Institute at Basistha Guwahati, the Central Minister of Water Resources, Uma Bharti and Chief Minister of Assam Shri Tarun Gogoi praised both ADBU models.

Ms Uma Bharti asked the Doner Minister, Jitender Singh to call ADBU Team for a presentation in Feb, 2015 itself, to assess practical implementation of the models.

Mrs Das says, “Uma Bharti particularly mentioned about ADBU model in the conference and so there was a big rush at our stall to witness our models.”

ADBU Team at the Water Conference 2015

ADBU Team at the Water Conference 2015

Four six semester students took part in two competitions held under students category, participated by all the technical institutes of Guwahati including IIT Guwahati, AEC, AEI, Royal, Scholar’s, Guwahati School of Architecture, and GIMT.

Three member panel of judges included Dr. W.A. Flugel, from Jena University, Germany, Dr. Bibhash Sharma, AEC, and Mr N.N.Barua, Chief Engineer, Water Resources Deptt

The second competition category was student model-making on the theme: Management of Water Related Disasters – Urban & Rural.

Thirteen students of 6th Semester won the first prize for their project on: Self Building Mudflow Fence Dams. The working model with theme “Going with nature to offset its destructive forces”
showed real landslide. It was placed under novel, innovative, eco-friendly, pro-community-participation, low-cost, less-labour intensive methodology.

The judges for this category were: Asian Development Bank Head Ms N. Totsuka, Director of GDS, Jena, GmBH, Germany Mr. Christoph Boehm, and Mr. Iqbal Hassan of University of Sheffield, U.K.

Six students of 4th Semester and 1 student of 8th Semester won the 2nd prize for: Urban Stormflow Stilling Drains. The working model exhibit showed how to increase the capacity of the existing drains by placing commonly available prefabricated concrete blocks, sal wood blocks or boulders. Screens could be placed over drains for trapping the sediments in the drains and the trapped sediments could be easily cleaned from top of the drains without disturbing traffic. The sediments were shown to be trapped under flowing water in the drains.

The judges placed the model under novel, innovative, eco-friendly, pro-community-participation, low-cost, flexible, less-labour intensive methodology.

ADBU Team with Ms Uma Bharati

ADBU Team with Ms Uma Bharati

Assistant Professor Mrs. Pori Das and the award-winning students were called for discussion by Sushri Uma Bharti at Brahmaputra Guest House on 10th Feb, 2015 to discuss on the implementation of the Self Building Mudflow Fence Dams at Chattisgarh and the hilly regions of North East Himalayan regions and asked for submission of a project proposal for the same to the Union Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India.

Further developments form the meeting are: ADBU students would be called for the India Water Week, New Delhi. The students would be invited for 2-3 months intership with stipend under Ministry of Water Resources, Govt of India. Ms. Pori Das would be called for technical suggestions on matters related to such low-cost water resources management technology for North-eastern region of India.

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ADBU Plans 3 PG Programs in Applied Sciences

Dr Pawan Sharma and Prof. JN Vishwakarma withADBU  VC Dr Stephen Mavely.

Dr Pawan Sharma and Prof. JN Vishwakarma with ADBU VC Dr Stephen Mavely.

Senior Consultant-Healthcare, NER-BPMC (DBT), New Delhi; Formerly Senior Res. Scientist, ICGEB-India Dr. Pawan Sharma meets with VC Assam Don Bosco University (ADBU) Dr Stephen Mavely and Director of Research Prof. JN Vishwakarma, 7 February 2015.
They discussed upcoming courses to be launched this year in the School of Applied Sciences (Microbiology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology).
Dr Sharma also spoke of starting an ADBU Hub and Unit of Excellence with high end research equipments and facilities.
Dr Sharma, a consultant to Department of Bio Technology, Ministry of Science of Science and Technology (Govt of India), is specialized in Healthcare, Tuberculosis, Malaria, Leishmaniasis, and Amebiasis.

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Miraculous ecape for Salesian Fr CT Xavier of Kathihar mission

CT Xavier sumoKATHIHAR – Salesian Fr. CT Xavier, the Parish Priest of Katihar (Bihar) writes about the accident he met with the Jeep on 30th January morning and the miraculous escape he had: On Friday, even though not my day, I volunteered to go to MC Sisters, as I had to do the bandaging of my leg. As I came out, I found the gates were not opened fully. The vehicle was almost touching the gates. Then I got a warning, I must go slowly. I was slower than other days, and the road was with less traffic.

Before I reached the ‘accident prone’ area, where we go very slowly, Sumo took a right turn and went other side of the road. I tried to turn the steering and it was not working. I just prayed that the Jubilee should not be affected with what is going to happen. I did not think of breaking as I was trying to turn the steering. Within a second, the vehicle banked on a tree and stopped. Actually it hit on a Phone line stone and due to loose mud near by, slushy with rain water of previous day, the vehicle turned towards the tree and a drain tank. I must have been thrown to the door side with the first hit, thus saving my thighs and hip. By the time, Sumo hit the tree, the steering had stuck the seat.

???????????????????????????????I got up and put my hand out calling the vehicles passing by. No one stopped. I had lost my voice because of the cold and cough.. After some time some people were on their routine walk, and I waved my hands, putting out my head. The ladies called two men and they came and pulled me out of the vehicle. As my head was full of glass pieces, they removed some of
them. The ladies continuously praised God, saying ‘your God has saved you’.

Since I had taken the mobile, I rang up to the MC sisters’ driver. Then I rang up to my driver and then to MC sisters. MC sisters’ driver came immediately and told me to escape from the site before the police comes.

???????????????????????????????Then all the sisters and other working girls rushed and took me to the convent by Auto.

I had a little scratch on the left leg and terrible pain on the left hip. They called our family doctor and he found everything normal. He wrote for an x-ray of the hip to find out if the bones were broken or not. The x-ray report showed that no bones have been broken.

I get a little pain when I get up after sitting for some time or when I bent down. Today I am getting a little pain on the upper right hand, due to the hit on the door.

All those who saw the Sumo, thanked God for saving my life. I found a lot of support and concern from everyone that have helped me to continue work without much rest. Anyway the jubilee celebrations went on well. More about the Jubilee in my next letter.
St. Michael and Don Bosco saved me.

???????????????????????????????The Provincial Secretary Fr Mathew George adds: Fr P.J. Abraham and myself had gone to see the accident site, 31st January 2015. The Sumo which was heading towards the drain tank in the pit down, hit the telephone stone, turned round and hit the tree in the front right side and the back right side hit the drain tank. You can see that the accident prone turn is far ahead where there is a Hanuman temple, where the Hindu devotees pray and cross the bridge.
The celebrations on 31st January in the parish (bicentenary, 75 years of the Church in Katihar and 25 years of Salesian Presence) with some 4000 people.

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