Balasun Youth Centre Turns Golden

IMG_5329Silas Lepcha

Upper balasun — Upper Balasun, one of the 20 Sunday centres conducted by Salesian College students held its Golden jubilee recently. The parish priest of St. Theresa sonada Fr. Sunil Lakra presided over the event.

Sir Suboth Rai, the Assistant Manager of ‘Balasun Tea Estate’ and the headmaster of local primary school Sir Ashok Gurung made the event successful by their presence.

“In the late eighties when the Gorkhaland agitation took great height, all the Youth centres were closed due to the unrest’’ recounts Sir Ashok Gurung.

Mr Gurung quickly adds “ in those difficult moments we took initiative at our own risk and conducted a meeting to revive once again our Balasun Youth centre.”

The youth centre president of Balasun, Esha Gurung says that, “ Young people at present are busy with mobile phones, coming to the youth centres have become a boring business for them, we can see in our own centre that only the children are present for Sunday youth centre activities.

Balasun is one of the leading tea estate for the production of tea leaves in the hills of Darjeeling. It is ninety minutes walk from Gorabari.The local residents are mostly tea garden labourers.

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