College Celebrates World TV Day with Smart TV Installation

Sonada, 21November 2020 : Salesian College Sonada celebrated World Televsion Day, 21 November with the inaugration of a smart TV installed in the Library’s e-Journal computer lab section, 21 November 2020.

Inauguration of New Television in the Library

The smart TV is a 2019 model TCL 163.9 cm (65 inches)  AI 4K Ultra HD Certified Android Smart LED TV.

Residential students were treated to the screening of a 2018 Russian action movie with sub-titles enititled Reshenie o likvidatsii (Decision – Liquidation). It is the real life story of ruthless extremist Bazgaev responsible for terrorist attacks which lead to deaths of hundreds of civilians, among them school children. A group of security officers is to track and destroy him.

World Television Day stands as a reminder of the power of visual media and how it helps in shaping public opinion and influencing world politics.

World Television Day is celebrated on 21 November every year. According to the UN, this day highlights the major role that television plays in daily life by presenting different issues that affect people.

In December 1996, the United Nations general assembly declared November 21 World Television Day. The UN recognized television as having an increased impact on decision making as well as being an ambassador for the entertainment industry. Television is a symbol of communication and globalization that educates, informs, entertains and influences our decisions and opinions. END

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