Holotropic Breathwork Workshop Held

holotropic. braethworkjpg

By Shruti Chhetri

Kurseong — A group of 22 faculty members from both the campuses of Salesian College Sonada and Siliguri attended a workshop on “Healing through Holotropic Breathwork” on 23 January.

The one day programme, which was held in Auxilium Convent Kurseong, introduced the participants to the “holotropic breathwork” practice that strives to promote healing through the act of deepened breathing.
“Breathing has healing properties, as does music. We combine these two powerful elements in this practice,” explained Salesian Fr K.C. Thomas from Trivandrum, one of the resource persons.
Fr Thomas was accompanied by his co-facilitator and resource person Sr Regi K. from Bhopal.
The participants were divided into pairs and one (breather) from each pair was asked to lie down with eyes shut while the other (sitter) was asked to look over their respective partners for a period of two hours. During this period, a variety of music was played while the “breathers”took rapid and deep breaths.
“For me what I experienced was something unusual and new. And after the session i felt like something was taken away from me which was not needed so ultimately i felt light and relaxed,” said Miss Pinky Gupta, a participant.
The programme ended with a closing round where the faculty members shared their individual experiences with each other.

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