Sangh Parivar Creates Panic Among Kandhamal Christians

Pamphlet circulated by Sangh Parivar

NEW DELHI, (John Dayal) – Member of the National Integration Council and Secretary General of All India Christian Council, Dr John Dayal wrote, 15th August to Chairman, National Minorities Commission, New Delhi Mr.  Wajahat Habibullah uprasing him about the serious threat in Kandhamal from the Sangh Parivar agents.

“As your aware, 23rd August marks the third anniversary of the killing of VHP leader Lakshmananda Saraswati in Kandhamal in Orissa by Maoists, and the subsequent pogrom against the Christian Dalit and Tribal community of that region. That had led to over 56,000 Christians homeless, almost 300 churches destroyed, more than 5,600 houses burnt. A Nun and two other women were raped and many molested. The memory that that violence has  scorched the psyche of our community,” he wrote.

Dr Dayal continued, “Now, the Sangh Parivar is saying it will observe the days as “Protecting the Faith”, and has distributed handbills across the district and the state.; I enclose a copy of the handbill for your perusal.”

He further expressed the fear of Christians in kandhmal district saying, “Our community apprehends there might be trouble and violence unless the State government takes the most stringent of measures in Kandhamal and other districts.”

“I am writing this to request you to call upon the State government to do its duty by the minority community and reassure them there will be no untoward incident,” he wrote.

The President of the All India Christian Council (Orissa Chapter) Rev. Dr. P. R. Parichha, DD has also submitted a similar  letter to the District Collector of Kandhamal to prevent and contain any untoward incidents.


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2 responses to “Sangh Parivar Creates Panic Among Kandhamal Christians

  1. Jen

    God bless the Christians in Kandhamal and everywhere in the world!

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